Who are we?

  • Justin Cook

    Chair of Governors & Co-opted

    Justin is now our Chair of Governors. Justin has been a governor for a number of years. Both his children have attended Hope Brook School.

  • Ian Corbitt

    Co-opted Governor

    Ian became a member of the Governing Body in 2005 and he was the Chair for the last 5 years. It has given him the opportunity to use the wealth of experience that he accumulated during his working career to benefit both the school and the local community, in particular, his extensive experience in the training environment and the management of public sector budgets. Ian has ended his role as Chair of Governors (Autumn 2014). He has been succeded by Justin Cook, who was elected to take on this role.

  • Alan Beard

    Parent Governor

    Alan has worked with young people for many years, first trying to engage them to take part in more physical activity and then to retain their interest in living a more active lifestyle. When Alan’s own children attended Hope Brook School he thought he could lend his support to the school by becoming a Governor.
    This role has helped Alan’s understanding of how this quality primary school operates and how the school places the pupils at the centre of learning as it continuously strives to improve

  • Jayne Whittington

    Parent Governor

    Jayne became a governor when her daughter started at the school in 2009. She was keen to become a governor so that she could play a role in making decisions about the direction of the school. Her background is in education; she runs a specialist unit for children with autism and language difficulties.

  • Kara Jefferies-Davis

    Co-opted Governor

    With Kara’s two children attending Hope Brook she was keen to get involved in supporting their education and the school. Since her children have moved on to secondary school, she still currently maintains a role on the governing body.
    The role has shown Kara the huge amount of work involved in the day to day running of the school and the tracking of all pupils & their attainment. In whatever way possible she tries to support that.

  • Jason Ross-Collins

    Vice Chair & Co-opted

    Jason’s two children have attended Hope Brook and he saw the parent governor role as an opportunity to support the school and give something back. His son is in Year 4. He believes that the parent governor role is also a voice for all parents who’s children attend the school and a way to give direct feedback to the governors and teaching staff from a parents’ perspective. In practice, Jason has found that being a governor has been very rewarding providing a clear opportunity to support, help and steer the school forward.

  • Rev Chris Sterry

    Foundation Governor

    Reverend Chris Sterry joined the Governors of Hope Brook School over a year ago, when he was appointed vicar at the local church (All Saints Church – Longhope), which is part of the Forest Edge Cluster of Churches.

  • Monica Richardson

    Foundation Governor

    Monica is a Lay Reader and has been a Governor since 2010. Monica has recently stood down and we are awaiting a new appointee.

  • Gordon Ashford

    LA Governor

    Gordon has been a Governor for a number of years. Previously, he was a parent governor and recently became the Local Authority Governor. Both his children have attended Hope Brook School.

  • Stephanie Severn


    Mrs Severn is the Head Teacher at Hope Brook School. Mrs Severn started her teaching career in 1986 and has been the Headteacher at Hope Brook for the last 10 years. Before becoming a Headteacher, she was a consultant for Gloucestershire local authority.

  • Miss Stephens

    Staff Governor

    Miss Stephens took over from Mrs Blackman as the teaching staff representative. She has been teaching at Hope Brook for over 8 years and currently teaches Wagtails class. Before completing her PGCE, Miss Stephens gained a BA Hons politics degree from the University of Exeter and therefore likes to keep an eye on the frequent changes and discussions around education, within the current political atmosphere.