2020-21 Celebrations - Robins' Birthday Party

As part of our topic "Celebrations" we planned together and enjoyed together a birthday party. We did this to help us learn that a celebration is a time to share and a time to remember. Features of a many celebrations often include: friends, family, cards, gifts, music, singing, special food and or a cake. We often wear our best or favourite clothes to celebrate in.
A good time was had by everyone. We enjoyed the party music selected by the Music Team.
We played:
-Sweet Hunt
-Musical Statues
-Musical Chairs
-Pass the Parcel with forfeits created by the Games Team
We enjoyed the decorations hung or made by the Decoration Team.
We enjoyed a party tea, although we forgot to add our handmade table clothes to the tables, in all the excitement.
We watched 'the birthday boy' blow out the candles on the cake made by the Cake Team.
When the party was over, party goers whose wise behaviour had shone during the party chose a special gift from Ms Rowe's Special Basket.