Autumn term 2021

Hello Robins,
I  hope you are all enjoying the summer break and have managed to enjoy some sunshine!
I have been busy preparing the classroom ready to welcome you in September. During the Autumn term our topic will be 'changes', we will be learning about changes in our world and thinking about:
  • Changes in us
  • Changes in our lives 
  • Changes in the day 
  • Changes in weather 
  • Changes in materials
There will be lots of opportunities for you to learn through investigation, exploration and problem solving. Have a look at our topic web to see some of the things we will be doing.
Take care, see you soon.
Mrs Stanton
E Safety
On the morning of 20th October, two Police Community Support Officers (PCSO's) visited Hope Brook School. The Robins watched a video and discussed online safety, how we feel if we see something we don't like and what we can do to get help. We highlighted the importance of speaking to an adult, someone we trust and at the end the children thought about who their trusted adults were. (week 7) 
After reading the story 'Pumpkin Soup' we made our own! The children demonstrated good knife skills whilst preparing the vegetables and were very excited to see what was inside our pumpkin. Everyone tasted the soup, many of the children polished off the whole bowl!
I will be posting the recipe for those of you that would like to try it at home. (week 6)
The Reception children enjoyed a visit from Harold the giraffe this week. Harold was very excited about going on a visit to his grandparents house. They helped Harold check he had everything in his wash bag for his visit. Using a body tunic the children learnt about some of the major internal organs and sung a song to help them remember the names and function of the heart, lungs and intestines which they thought was great fun! 
The children all joined Harold to do some exercises and when Harold was sad they suggested ways to cheer him up.
To end the session we slept under the stars and sang a song about being happy and healthy.
(week 4)
We went on a scavenger hunt during outdoor learning. The children looked for something smooth, round, straight, fuzzy, hard, something that they love, makes a noise and two different types of leaves. As you can imagine they found lots of straight sticks but we found some interesting fuzzy things! Back in the classroom we looked at the variety of natural materials we had found and had an interesting discussion about all the different seeds we had brought back. (week 3)
The Robin year ones went on a trip with the Woodpeckers to St Fagans to learn how people used to live. It was very interesting, we learnt that people never used to have running water or electricity and that up to 13 people would live in a tiny two bedroom house .They would have to go outside to the toilet and had one bath a week and everyone used the same water! There was a working mill and a farm with pigs, cows and geese and a school house which was very different to our school. We had very good weather and enjoyed a picnic lunch by the ponds, we had a lovely day. (week 3)
Year 1 using a story map and actions to help them retell the story of Titch (week 2)
Year one children in Robins have been using the hall for PE, this is the first time they have been in the hall because of Covid ! During this lesson, children were introduced to jumping on the ground. They worked to create their own simple sequence using hops, steps, leaps, jumps and bounces (week 1)
During outdoor learning on Friday the Year one children in Robins looked for signs of Autumn. Our apple tree in the outdoor area has three apples this year and the leaves are turning beautiful shades of orange and brown. We found berries, nuts, seeds and a variety of different autumnal coloured leaves. Back in the classroom the children created leaf families and made a collage of the characters in the story of Titch we have been reading in class (week 1)