Information for parents

The government has announced that primary schools will start the next phase of re-opening from Monday 1st June.
An information letter has been sent to all parents who have requested a school place for next week. On the basis of our risk assessment, we are not able to accept any further requests for next week.
An information letter has been sent to all parents of children who will be attending Pippins next week.
We have been busy preparing the school for the children’s return and are really looking forward to seeing some of the children again. As I am sure you are aware, we have been provided with clear guidelines to follow. We want to ensure our parents are as confident as possible in the systems and procedures we have put in place. We won’t be able to show you around the school, but hope the pictures below provide an idea of the changes we have made.

It is going to feel different – but we will all get used to this and we will find a way to make it work for our children.

The following reminders have been included here as they are queries that have been raised since the email that was sent out to parents whose children will be attending next week.

  • It is important that all parents who are returning their children to school should have been observing the lockdown rules for the last 7 weeks
  • We will not be working with a full complement of staff when we re-open so please be aware that our provision may be subject to change
  • Children should wear a clean set of clothes each day. They do not need to wear school uniform. We are requesting that, every day, children wear shoes that are appropriate for outdoor activities. Trainers are fine
  • Children should not bring their PE kit to school but should wear to school clothing appropriate for sporting activities on their PE day. Parents were informed which day was the PE day for each class in Friday’s email. (Y1 should be prepared for sporting activity on Monday.)
  • All children should have a healthy snack and a drinks bottle to take to their classroom. This drinks bottle will remain in the classroom and will be cleaned at the end of each day
  • Parents may wish to send in a drinks bottle for the children’s lunch – which will be stored on the lunchbox trolley and will be returned home each evening. (Please remember that sandwiches/baguettes will be available for children in YR/Y1 – supplied by our caterers, if you wish to make use of that facility.)
  • All communication with the school office should be via phone or email. Parents will only be able to enter the school building by prior appointment

End of the day

Children will be led to the recreation ground by the staff from 3pm (starting with Pippins.) The first group of children will be led across to the furthest side of the recreation ground where they can be collected by parents. Please let us know if another adult will be collecting your child. The children will be led across the recreation in the following order:

        3.15pm                  3.10pm                       3.05pm                     3.00pm                       3.00pm

           Y6                     Key Workers                     Y1                           YR                           Pippins

The Y6 children will be dismissed closest to the school gate on the recreation ground. Pippins will be dismissed furthest away from the school gate. The dismissal point will be marked with a labelled chair.

We must insist that all parents respect social distancing on the recreation ground and do not gather together – at this point in the day.

All these measures are in place to encourage the safest possible practice for your children.