India Topic

Here are some photographs of Wagtails sharing their Diwali homework and making a curry as part of our DT.
Wagtails have done a lot of work looking at different types of maps and we looked at the types and heights pf land in India. We were lucky enough to fit in recreating these in natural resources around the wind, rain and snow. 
In our artwork during the India topic we focussed on the Hindu festival of  Diwali and the Rangoli that they create.
Some children recreated traditional style Diwali Rangoli, using a stencil they had made and brightly coloured sugar.  On the other hand out, some children chose to create Rangoli in the style of Modern Indian artist Pramod Sahu, who creates 3D street art that makes people stop and thinks about global issues. The children creating this style used charcoal.