Kingfishers 2021/22

Welcome to Kingfishers! 
Hi there,
A warm WELCOME to the Kingfishers who are joining us for the first time and it'll be GREAT to see all the Kingfishers back again who will be joining us for a second year.
A new school year means exciting, NEW opportunities. Just think as you return to school, knowledge is like a lamp and every new thing you learn makes the light brighter.
I hope you've had a fabulous summer holiday. I am looking forward to hearing about all the things you've been doing and the places that you've visited. In fact, our topic this term is called 'Where in the UK?' so hearing all about the landmarks you've visited will connect with our learning.
PE will be on Tuesday afternoons - this term's focus is football and the sessions will be run by 'Prostars'. Remember to bring your PE kits on the first day of term so that you'll have them here ready for Tuesday. Also, the Year 4s will be going swimming on Mondays. As such, you will need to bring your swimming kits (costume/trunks and towel) on the FIRST day back. Make a note on your calendar or in your diary to remind you.
I've added a Topic Web link below so that you can preview what we'll be learning about this term. Don't forget to scroll down below to look at the photographs that I will post up of your learning in school.
Mrs Southwell (TA) and I are very much looking forward to greeting you all on the 6th September. 
Look forward to seeing you then! 
Mrs James 
PS I will post PHOTOGRAPHS of what you have doing below so don't forget to have a LOOK. See below.
Science: Which 'forces' act upon a parachute?
The Kingfishers were busy on the afternoon of the 20th October. After their e-safety talk, they created parachutes to test the effects of air resistance. They decided which material would be most suited to create their own parachute.
As the Kingfishers had been learning about forces this term, they knew that initially the force that pushed the parachute towards the ground was gravity. Looking at the effects up close though, they observed, "The parachute filled with air as it opened. This means the parachute met with air resistance which slowed it down." 
The Kingfishers also discovered that some materials were more effective that others.
On the afternoon of 20th October, two Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) visited Hope Brook School. The Kingfishers watched a video and discussed online safety. At the end, the children took part in a quiz.


The Hope Brook Cross Country Team
We are very proud of our Cross Country Team who returned to school with gold (girls) and silver (boys) medals. The whole of Kingfishers have been working hard to improve their time in the Daily Mile. The result at the Cross Country event is testament to all the hard work they've put in. Well done, Hope Brookers (Oct 2021).
Life Education Team
On Thursday, 30th September, Kingfishers had a visit from Anita who spoke to the children about being assertive and learning to make wise choices for themselves without feeling pressurized by their peer group.
The Kingfishers put forward their ideas and thoughts clearly and demonstrated how to make wise choices through their acting skills.
Kingfishers and Kestrels' Visit to Windsor Castle
What a glorious day we had Kingfishers and Kestrels! You all learnt lots and behaved impeccably. Can you remember all the places we visited at Windsor Castle?
After a rather long journey and an early start, we stopped at Alexandra Gardens to have our snacks and a drink.
When we arrived we noticed the Union Flag was flying ...
The Union Flag was flying when we visited but not The Queen's Flag, the Royal Standard. Can you remember what this means Kingfishers?

The Long Walk and St George's Chapel

Before entering the grounds, we visited the well-known 'Long Walk' which leads up to one of the entrances of Windsor Castle. Although famous for its red deer, we didn't spot any on Friday. We then made our way inside the grounds of the Castle where we met Sophie our Learning Guide.

The first place we visited was St George's Chapel. The Kingfishers recognised it as the place where HRH Prince Harry and Ms Meghan Markle were married. The bottom of the steps outside St George's Chapel, which the couple descended after their wedding, was the perfect place for a photo opportunity!


The Queen's Guards
Being one of the homes of The Queen, the Kingfishers found out that Her Majesty has special guards to protect her.

Workshop: The Changing Power of Monarchs

After our lunch, we met with Sophie again for our workshop all about 'The Changing Power of Monarchs'. All the Kingfishers enjoyed this engaging session especially when they got the opportunity to dress up. They dressed up as The Pope, kings, queens, nobles, craftsmen, knights and peasants. They compared an absolute monarchy with a constitutional monarchy. Most of the Kingfishers agreed that they preferred a constitutional monarch but there were a few exceptions!!

They were then introduced to King Henry VIII and were rather surprised by the size of his waist line in later life! They also found out about the fate of his six wives and their children. Kingfishers, can you remember from the photographs below who dressed up as which wife? 

Queen Mary's Dolls' House and the State Apartments

After our workshop session, we visited Queen Mary's Dolls' House and the State Apartments. The Kingfishers showed how clever they are when they pointed out the real objects in the State Apartments that they had seen in the Dolls' House earlier. They also spotted the Garter Throne Room (blue room) where a new knight of the Garter is invested by The Queen. Kingfishers, can you imagine what it must feel like to become a knight? When we walked through St George's Hall and looked at the shields showing the coat of arms of the Knights of the Garter, the Kingfishers were confused that some of the shields were blank?! We were surprised to find that they were blank because that particular knight had been 'degraded' because they had done something 'bad'. Oh dear!

Famous landmark: Windsor Castle

As our topic this term is about 'landmarks', Kingfishers did a quick sketch of the Castle before we made our way back to the coach.

What a fantastic day we had! We were blessed with super weather too!

Kingfishers' Class Assembly - David shows courage!
On Thursday, 23 Sept 2021, the Kingfishers did their first class assembly. They spoke about Hope Brook's value of 'Courage' by retelling and acting out the story of David and Goliath. Super job Kingfishers!
Windsor trip reminders:
  • Please be at school by 6.50am to leave at approximately 7am.
  • You will have a temperature check and Mrs Southwell will speak to your adult about your health in the last 24 hours, as Windsor castle can refuse us entry if there have been any Covid symptoms.
  • Don’t forget your travel sickness tablets/bands if you require them.
  • Please remember your packed lunch, snacks (no sweets) and enough drink for the day.
  • School uniform is required to be worn and a decent sized rucksack to carry a sketch  book, lunch, waterproof, wallet etc. Remember to wear or put a waterproof coat in your rucksack.
  • You may bring a digital or disposable camera, but they are your responsibility. Additionally, you may want to bring fidgets, cards, notebook, book etc for the journey, but no electronic gadgets please.
  • Please ensure you have £10 for your tea at the Service station on our way home (you may put this in a separate envelope so it doesn’t get spent) and no more than £10 for the gift shop.
  • We are all very excited and hope to be back at Hope Brook between 8.30 and 9 pm, depending on traffic.
Elections for School Council and Eco Council Members
This week we held elections to vote in our school council and eco council members. The votes were placed in our ballot box to ensure the elections were 'fair' and 'democratic'.
PE: Football
Kingfishers demonstrated good football skills during their PE lesson. They communicated with a partner using non-verbal skills to see how many 'gates' they could pass a ball through. The Kingfishers learnt how to use their feet to aim accurately (Sept 2021).
Kingfishers acted out 'Noah's Ark' as part of their RE learning.