Parent Group

Parents Group


Mrs S Severn – Headteacher

Mr C Goodfield – parent of child in Y3

Mrs K Harris – parent of children in Y1 and Y2

Mrs C Kay – parent of children in Y1 and Y4

Mrs C Wilband - parent of child in Y1 


The purpose of the group is to be a voice for parents.

We aim 

  • To have one representative from each year group
  • To meet monthly
  • To agree a focus area for each meeting – as well as discussing any emerging issues

If you have any issues you would like raised at the Parent Group meetings, a specific email address has been set up that can be accessed by all the parents on the group. The email address is:

Parents Group Meeting – Monday 14th March 2022

 Aspects discussed:

1)   Formal and informal strategies used at Hope Brook to keep parents informed about how their children are doing

2)   Covid communications - current guidance

3) Parent Booklet - ideas about the sort of advice / guidance parents would find useful



  • Mrs Severn would discuss with staff - further strategies to encourage positive learning behaviours
  • Covid-19 tab to be maintained on website
  • Parent booklet to include guidance on reading and maths, and how skills can be enhanced through everyday activities - but should include guidance on wider elements such as nutrition, sports and music.

Next meeting – Monday 9th May 7.30pm

Parents Group Meeting – Thursday 23rd September 2021



  • Reflection on communications in preparation for start of school year
  • Healthy snacks


Next meeting – Thursday 11th November 7.30pm


Parents Group Meeting – Thursday 24th June 2021

Aspects discussed:

Reflections on the role of the Parent Group - and what we have achieved so far

Communications that would be helpful in preparation for September

Sports Day - our risk assessment

Adequacy of our toilet facilities for younger children


  • End of year reminders would be sent to parents
  • Sports Day activities would be recorded and posted on the website
  • Video of each classroom to be posted on the website - before September opening

Next meeting – Thursday 23rd September 2021 - 7.30pm


Parents Group Meeting – Thursday 20th May 2021

Aspects discussed:

Relationships, Health and Sex Education Policy – viewed sample videos that would be used with children in KS1 and KS2

Felt parents might like:

  • More detail about the content of RHSE lessons
  • An opportunity to view samples of the videos the children would be watching 
  • An opportunity to ask the classteacher questions about the content of these lessons
Agreed a letter would be sent to parents.

Next meeting – Thursday 24th June 2021 – 6pm

Agenda – Next steps for Parent Group


Parents Group Meeting – Tuesday 27th April 2021

Aspects discussed:

1)     School organisation – reports and parents’ evenings for this year, classes for next year

2)    Relationships, Health and Sex Education Policy – part of review process before being ratified by governors

Next meeting – Thursday 20th May 2021 – 6pm

Agenda – Relationships, Health and Sex Education Policy

Agreed to set up a ‘Parent Group’ tab on the website.

Parents Group Meeting – Tuesday 30th March 2021

Aspects discussed:

1)     Reflections on Remote Learning – Oak National Academy, Zoom sessions

2)    Issues relating to remote learning – communication, availability of paper copies and devices, printing problems, use of PDF’s

Agreed to set up a parent group email address

Next meeting – Tuesday 27th April 2021 - 2pm

Agenda – Relationships, Health and Sex Education Policy