PE and Sporting Events at Hope Brook 2023-24

Please scroll down to see photographs of the children's activity in sport.

Our vision is that all pupils at Hope Brook School, regardless of age or ability, want to take part in sport or activity.  Whilst some children may be talented at sports, others may be less confident.  At Hope Brook, we work to make sure everyone can experience the benefits of sport and physical activity and of being part of a team.

Our planning, as well as following the National Curriculum statutory requirements, allows us to teach a variety of sports through PE lessons, cross-curricular sessions and extra-curricular activities throughout the academic year including, gymnastics, dance, athletics, team sports, swimming, as well as promoting outdoor learning in all subjects.

Our aim is to shape each pupil’s character, promote the school’s ethos of fair competition, reinforce the benefits of healthy life style choices and nurture the children’s sporting passions.

 We ensure all pupils:

  • Have access to a wide variety of activities – we try to introduce one new activity each year.
  • Have the opportunity to participate in competitive events.
  • Promote fair play and respect.
  • Utilise every opportunity to be active – in lessons, play times and after school clubs.
  • Understand the importance of well-being – both physical and mental.
  • Encourage lifelong participation, enthusiasm and enjoyment.
  • Build on existing skills and experiences, ensuring progression and continuity in children’s learning.
  • Support each other to be the best they can be.
Yoga: Reception
Hope Brook's reception children had great fun creating yoga poses for different animals for the Chinese zodiac. The children's sessions enable them to develop strength, balance, co-ordination and good posture. Super work, Robins.
Dance Lessons: Years 1 and 2
This term, Year 1 and 2 have been having dance lessons with a dance specialist, linked to our topic on China. They have been developing a variety of skills and have been using props such as scarves. They have had a lot of fun so far! Pictures below.
Individual Cross Country Event: Years 5 and 6
We are very proud of our distance runners who represented Hope Brook at the Individual Cross Country event on 24th January. ALL the pupils gave their very best performance. Three pupils are through to the County final: Max Beard, William Noble and Sandy Stead. Many congratulations to them and we wish them all the very best of luck. Well done to Sandy Stead, Jess White, Skye Smith, Gracie Morris, Evelyn Beard, Daisy Jones, Max Beard, William Noble, Zachary James, Charlie Kay, Sam Sherratt and Theo Lawrance for putting in their best effort on the day and demonstrating the school's value of 'perseverance'. Many thanks to Mrs Barnes and Mrs Collis for supervising and to Miss Marks for transporting the children to the event.
New Age Kurling: Year 3 
On Wednesday 10th January our Kurling Team took part in a large interschools tournament; 24 schools competing to be District Kurling Legions. Hope Brook's team did us proud. They worked well as a team, encouraging and praising one another during matches. Every game started with polite introduction and shaking hands with their opponents. We may not have come home with a medal but we certainly impressed the other schools with our manners and behaviour.
Forest of Dean Gymnastics Centre: Years 1 and 2
As part of the PE curriculum for this term, Year 1 and 2 have been attending the Forest of Dean Gymnastics Centre for weekly gymnastics training sessions. They have been taught how to use a wide range of equipment, and have been developing their agility, balance and coordination. It has also provided the opportunity for pupils to demonstrate our value of perseverance.
Gymnastics: Reception
The reception children demonstrate they can co-ordinate themselves over a range of equipment safely during their gymnastic sessions.
GPJ Girls' Indoor Football: Years 5 and 6
We are very proud of our Year 5 and 6 girls who put in a sterling performance at the local GPJ Girls' Indoor Football Tournament. They came 1st overall having won 5 games out of 5, scored 8 goals and conceded none. What a fantastic achievement! Well done to Betsie Matthews, India Foran, Sandy Stead, Isabelle Hysom, Gracie Morris, Daisy Jones, Gwen Stephens and Evelyn Beard. We wish them all the very best for the final on 20th March. Many thanks to Mr Mark Yearley for supervising the children at the event.
Sports Hall Challenge: Years 5 and 6
On 9th November 2023, some Year 5 and 6 children took part in the Sports Hall Athletics tournament. This provides an indoor multi-event competition helping budding athletes to develop athletics based skills. It includes both track and field events. After a tough afternoon of competition, the Hope Brook children achieved SILVER, which is a fantastic result. Well done, team.
Thank you to Mrs Southwell and Mr Yearley who supervised the children at the event.
Quick Sticks Hockey: Years 5 and 6
On Tuesday 17th October, a group of Years 5 and 6 children took part in the Forest of Dean Quick Sticks Hockey tournament at Newent Community School. Well done to Max Beard, Oliver Cruickshank, Charlie Kay, Isabelle Hysom, India Foran and Sam Sherratt on their performance. Thank you to Miss Marks who supervised the team during the event and to Miss Marks and Mrs Sherratt for help with transport to and from the event.
Cross Country Team Event: Years 5 and 6
Having prepped through the Daily Mile, Years 5 and 6 children put in a steely performance at the Cross Country Team Event on 4th October 2023. Even though there were a few unfortunate circumstances surrounding both the boys' and girls' races, ALL the Hope Brook children demonstrated superb sportsmanship and determination. Well done to all those who attended. Many thanks to Mrs Barnes and Mrs Collis for supervising the children at the event.