Y5/6 Residential - IOW

The ferry trip to the Isle of Wight...
Osborne House:
Fun at Blackgang Chine!
The Needles
Fun on the zip wire.
Working together on Jacob's Ladder.
Climbing, Climbing, Climbing
Dragon Boat Racing
Our luxurious cabins!!
The amazing work of the glass blowers.
Friday morning update - Ferry delays this morning. Alison will be sending text messages with updates.
A brilliant day at Blackgang Chine yesterday

Loads of rides on Cliffhanger - the rollercoaster and lots of screams on Water Force - the water slide. The children particularly enjoyed The Plughole - a water slide in the dark.

Well done to Skye who overcame her fears to come down the slide. She was congratulated by everyone around her - and she even shed a tear. We have had so many magic moments this week.

I won’t mention the slush puppies and ice creams enjoyed by some - but it was an eventful drive back to Little Canada through the winding coastal lanes. 
Thursday morning update-  What an amazing Wednesday!
Fantastic weather, amazing resilience shown by all and some very proud members of staff.
Best teamwork award goes to Etienne, Robson and Georgie MT. Fantastic job on Jacob’s Ladder.
Most resilience awards go to Toby H, Jasmine and Keelan for superb work on the climbing wall.
We were all so impressed by the way the children helped each other through all of today’s activities.
It is so great to be part of Hope Brook
Wednesday update - PGL activities today. Some are feeling a little nervous. A good nights sleep had by all last night. Boys are definitely the more organised this year! Pictures from the sweet making and glass making yesterday at the Needles and extra Osborne House pictures added below.
Tuesday morning update: All slept well - eventually! Many up at the crack of dawn! We’re off to Osbourne House now - everyone is raring to go.
We were surprised to be invited into Osborne House itself before the public opening this morning and we've had a wonderful day as you can see from the pictures. 
As well as following all the Covid-19 guidance for all the places we will be visiting and all the services we will be using, we will also be implementing the following:
  • All staff will carry out a lateral flow test each morning
  • We will carry some spare lateral flow tests
  • We will aim to keep our children away from other people/groups of people at all times
  • Children are welcome to wear masks if they choose to
  • All children will be asked to wash their hands each time they leave their cabins and each time they return to their cabins
  • All staff will carry hand sanitiser with them at all times 
  • Children are welcome to carry their own sanitiser
  • The coach will be staying with us
If a child were to indicate signs of coronavirus - as with all medical (emergency) situations, parents would be expected to collect their child. In these circumstances, the whole group would be expected to leave PGL so will be returning.
PGL 2021
On Monday morning
Children who arrive at school before the bus arrives will be asked to take their cases, bags and pillows to the school hall (Kestrels classroom). Parents are asked to remain outside.
Children who arrive at school after the bus has arrived - can take their bags/cases straight to the coach.
Please can we ask parents waiting with their children to ensure the entrance route into school is kept clear.
All parents will be asked to confirm that their child is well and has not been showing signs of coronavirus:
  • a high temperature
  • a new, continuous cough – this means coughing a lot, for more than an hour, or 3 or more coughing episodes in 24 hours
  • a loss or change to sense of smell or taste – this means they cannot smell or taste anything, or things smell or taste different to normal
Any last minute medication or money should be handed to a member of staff - who will place those items in the children's named wallets. Please can we ask that children are not given extra money for the trip.