Pupil Voice

At Hope Brook School, children are encouraged in many different ways to give their thoughts and opinions about how the school runs and operates.  We believe it is important that pupils help to take the lead in their education; engage with it through their own natural curiosities and take ownership as they embrace each new challenge and achievement.  Pupil Voice aims to build a sense of community and strength encompassing the school's motto, 'Learning Together, Growing Together'.
Our School Council gives a voice and an opportunity to discuss ideas, issues and concerns that children may have.  It also enables them to get involved in a variety of activities and events, which affect our school and the wider community.
Each year the School Council carries out a survey (together with a sport survey) about how pupils feel in school.  They then look very carefully at the results and follow up any concerns the pupils may have.  Furthermore, the School Council has their own Issues' Box where pupils can post and raise any issues.
So far this academic year, the School Council has organised a Talent Show and served teas and coffees to parents/carers attending the school's Nativity Play.  They have also organised Playtime Leaders, Reading Buddies and Playtime Buddies.
Democratic Values
The School Council is committed to upholding British Values:
  • They have their own ballot box where votes are cast in competitions etc;
  • All School Council and Eco Council members are voted into their posts to make it a fair system.