Radio Gloucestershire

6th February 2018
Good Afternoon everyone :) 
Radio Gloucestershire (104.7 FM/1413 AM) visited us today to find out about the things we are doing. This will be on the radio at 3:45 Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of this week. We really hope you enjoying listening to the exciting things we have been learning about. 
Exciting news for you all. If you missed the Radio Gloucestershire broadcast yesterday, you can still listen to it, using this link  or accessing the Radio's website yourself. 
Once you are on yesterday schedule (choose 6th February from the tabs), select Nicky Price's broadcast at 15:00. The video will load but it'll ask you to sign in to listen to it (it is free to sign up - Miss Kay did it this morning in a couple of minutes).
When you are listening to the clip, at 45 minutes in Hope Brook is introduced and year 3 speak. After year 3, they play a song before year 6. If you'd like to skip the song and go straight to year 6, jump to 52 minutes.
We hope you enjoy listening to what clubs have been doing.