Remote Learning

The government has set clear guidelines about the amount of work children are expected to complete each day. Children in KS1 are expected to complete 3 hours of study per day. 
Children in KS2 are expected to complete 4 hours of study per day.
At Hope Brook, teachers will provide daily teaching activities for English and maths. They will also be provided with teaching activities for at least one further curriculum area each day. This will ensure we are reflecting the broad range of subjects and areas of interest covered by our usual curriculum.
Alongside the teaching activities provided, the children should continue to use the online resources they regularly use in school ie TTRockstars, Lexia, Active Learn - and of course, we hope they will keep up with their regular reading. Have you seen the virtual library resources under the 'Reading' tab?
Internet access
We recognise the challenges posed by Remote Learning, particularly where internet access is difficult. Please contact your child's classteacher via the eschools messaging service if you are having any difficulty accessing online resources. We have found a number of different solutions that might help your child - providing paper copies of materisl, sharing screens during zoom sessions etc.
Younger children
We are aware of the difficulty of remote learning for all children, but it raises particular issues for younger children who are unable to access resources independently. For these children, we have tried to ensure the remote learning includes a range of practical activities to enhance their learning experiences. We have provided links to video resources and all children will be receiving zoom sessions to ensure their early reading skills remain on track.
Children with additional needs
All children with additional needs will receive work tailored to their particular needs, and will receive regular communication from the adult that usually works with them in school. This communication will usually take place via zoom.