Good morning Robins
I thought you would like to know a little about next term's topic.  The topic is called "Different Folks" because we will take a look at lots of different people.  We will start by exploring the world of princes, princesses, kings, queens, fairy godmothers and a few mean characters.  We may even have a dragon fired week!  We will definitely be celebrating at our very own Cinderella's Ball.  Start thinking about what you might wear.  I will be wearing my Elsa dress and silver sandals.  
After half term we will move onto looking at other folks, the folks who make our world work, such as doctors, nurses, police officers, shop workers, refuge collectors, vets, fire fighters to name but a few.  
Take care my lovelies.  I look forward to seeing you soon.
From Ms Rowe
This week we compared photos of our Queen, Queen Elizabeth II.   The photos were taken by a photographer called David Bailey.  He is a very famous photographer.  
I was impressed at the children's engagement during this session, they had lots to say about her smile, her jewellery and her flowery blue dress. They liked the simple portraits.  Most children preferred the coloured photo to look at, but liked her smiling best in the black and white photo. The children thought she was rather serious in the coloured photo. The children thought Queen Elizabeth II looks kind, caring and friendly.  Everyone said they would like to meet her.
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Mass excitement and a little worry descended upon Robins this week.  We received a voice call from a dragon instructing us to build him a lair as he planned to visit Hope Brook!

Well what a busy day in Robins today!

We spent the morning creating decorations, making cakes and choosing our food for The Ball. (Last week we voted on the food we would like at The Ball. Today we had to tick the items we wanted.)

The first part of the afternoon involved preparing the food and the second part of the afternoon was THE BALL!

The afternoon began with Lady Davis announcing the arrival of the guests: Princess Bonnie, Prince Charming, Sir Stanley, Gallant Knight Jack, Queen Tilli, Princess Penelope .... The children loved this and took it very seriously.

We then danced the Circassian Circle and another group dance we have learnt this term. The dance section of The Ball was ended with polite curtsies and bows from all the ladies and gentleman.

We then played a game requested by most children - Pin the Tail on the Donkey - using our new hi tech interactive board. This made us laugh. A firm favourite of Pass the Parcel followed with a few forfeits in between layers. Our last game involved a super sized balloon!

After all the excitement we tucked into our food.

It was definitely a good day.

At the end of the afternoon prizes were given out to three children who were polite and kind throughout The Ball.

Hello my dear Robins
Here is the Topic Web for this term's topic.  Our topic is called My World.  Take a look to see what you've got in store when we are altogether.
From Ms Rowe

The Rainbow Chart 

During the first few weeks of school Robins developed a "Rainbow Chart", following a concept developed to support children to learn and explore emotions, responses and consequences. Robins explored the emotions: happy/calm/positive, upset/worried, sad/frustrated annoyed/irritated and angry.

To help us understand these emotions we shared stories, watched video clips, played in role, freeze framed a response, shared experiences, developed our thoughts about colours and reflected on our interaction with others. (When we 'freeze frame' we hold a position/expression still, as if a photo has been taken.)

Key to understanding our emotions is learning the appropriate vocabulary and language, without which we cannot communicate effectively. Leaning to use simple sentences such as "I am upset because ..." empowers us to take ownership of our responses and recognises the interactive nature of relationships.

Last week, a Robin came into school explaining "I'm in the yellow zone... They laughed at me. I'm sad." After a little thought, he refined his explanation by saying "No, I'm in the green zone. I'm upset." This week following a whole class discussion exploring how we might comfort someone, which is part of Robins' RE focus this term, a child suggested we needed to add feeling lonely to our chart. Robins decided being lonely needed to go into the yellow zone.

Without a doubt exploring frustration and angry were definitely the feelings Robins enjoyed exploring the most. We had to watch a Sesame Street video about frustration twice and freeze frame angry many times!

Robins continue to embrace the Rainbow Chart as part of their everyday experiences.

Hello Robins, I hope you've had a good week.  It's certainly been a wet one.  I'm looking forward to seeing you soon.  Remember to take care and be wise!  From Ms Rowe
Happy New Year Robins.  Welcome to the year 2020.  I hope it's a healthy and happy one for you.  
We have an exciting journey to look forward to this term, so get your suitcases ready for Friday 10th January.  We will be meeting some interesting animals when we arrive, ones which bounce, wobble and talk!
Australia, here we come!  Today we flew to Australia.  What a long journey!
This week it's been our Wombat Week!  Acting like a wombat we dug burrows!
During our slithering Snake Week we met a real snake.
We've been learning the Creation Story in the Bible.  During this week's Active Learning Afternoon we used our senses to explore the sky and land God created, with an Australian flavour!
2019-20 SpT1 Together Time 
The Colour Monster
2019-20 Together Time - The Colour Monster
This week we looked a little closer at the feeling of anger.  It was a very loud and excitable session.
2019-20 SpT1 ALA Aboriginal Dancing
After watching an Aboriginal dance/story depicting a story of 2 kangaroos, we copied the dance and then created our own Aborigine dance/story.
2019-20 SpT1 Together Time
The Colour Monster - Fear
Good morning Robins, I'm looking forward to seeing you all on Monday.  This term is a busy one, with lots of things to learn and enjoy.  Our topic is called Celebrations - Let there be light!  We are going to be taking a closer look at different celebrations.  Each of the celebrations we will explore involves a candle or two!
2019-20 AT2 Robins first Class Assembly was a huge success.  Children spoke clearly and loudly.
Together Time 8 11 2019
Hello Robins.  I hope you are all enjoying the Summer Holidays.  I thought you might like to have a little look at what you have to look forward to this term.
Robins first PE session together.
After the fun and games of changing into our PE kit for the first time, one young lady said to a friend "I'm so excited, are you?"
All the children walked sensibly to the top play ground, where Mrs Selwood talked to everyone about being safe.  Then Mrs Selwood explained how important it was to "get our bodies ready for exercise", so our muscles warm up slowly. 
The warm up involved moving at different speeds and listening careful to different instructions.
2019-20 AT1 Robins met Harold in a tent.  Harold talks to everyone about making healthy choices.
As part of our Pets topic, we enjoyed a sunny Active Learning Afternoon focusing on dogs.  We listened to a story about a dog.  We moved like a dog. We painted a dog. We took a log dog for a walk and made a dog a bed.

As part of our focus on dogs, we met Toby, the Miniature Schnauzer.  We listened to information about Toby from his owner, Mrs Smith.  Then we asked the questions we had thought of earlier that day. Some of us gave Toby a treat; some of us groomed Toby with his brush and all of us stroked Toby.  A few of us said “Sit!” with authority and Toby actually sat!                                      


Together Time 20 09 2019
This week's ALA session focused on counting and numbers.
How many leaves can you fit into a cup?  This lead to discussions about the size of the leaves and whether the leaves were allowed to go above the rim of the cup.  Mrs Hodges managed to fit 100 small leaves into her cup!
We went on a number hunt on the top field and then organised the numbers in the correct order.
We compared quantities of leaves and grass, using the words more or less.
Together Time 27 09 2019
Together Time 4 10 2019
Together Time 11 10 2019
This week we focused on Guinea Pigs and Rabbits.
2019-20 AT1 ALA Bike Afternoon - I can do it!
2019-20 AT1 Robins enjoyed Pet Club's Pet Assembly
There were some interesting developments!
2019-20 AT2 Our topic Celebrations - Let there be light, led us into finding out about the Hindu celebration of Diwali.  
2019-20 AT2 As part of our look at Celebrations, we enjoyed a Birthday Party.  A party with a cake, candles, games, food, special clothes and of course singing.
Robins visited All Saints Church to "Experience Christmas".  
We enjoyed an entertaining and informative time listening to the 'real' story and discussing aspect of the story along the way.  
It was dark when all of a sudden something amazing happened, angels appear, bring and shining in the darkness.  The shepherds were terrified.  The angels said "Do not be afraid, I bring you good news of great joy.  The son of God is born.  You will find him laying in a manger." 
The shepherds left the sheep and went to see baby Jesus.  They told everyone what the angels had said.  Mary and Joseph were proud and loved Jesus. 
Later three wise men came with special gifts for the baby Jesus.
Types of discussions:
-What job does a shepherd do?
-Why were the shepherds afraid?
-Why would the shepherds leave their sheep?
Welcome back to school.  We have an exciting term ahead of us, full of new experiences.  
This term our topic is "A Right Royal Adventure!"
Our trip to Sudeley Castle was a huge success.  We explored the castle and grounds.
We took photo portraits of Kings and Queens.
Robins held their very own Bike Tournament!
Working with our friends to construct an assault course.
What a glorious sunny start to the Summer Term.
Get ready for this term's topic - We are farmers!
In between torrential rain we enjoyed time on our bikes.  Our challenge was to build the key features of a farm using available resources.  Then to draw a map of our farm.
We used a range of resources to create farms with key features, ie farm house, barn, walls or fences, pond etc.  We then presented our farms to our friends, explaining the thinking behind our ideas.  Then we enjoyed playing with our farms.
We have an exciting term ahead in Robins' Class.
Our topic is Percy the Park Keeper.
Together Time
2018-19 SpT2 Active Learning Afternoon - Near and far!
Our first challenge this afternoon was to see far we could ride our bikes in one minute and then five minutes?
Our second challenge was to see how near we could ride our bikes to the obstacles on the assault course?
We enjoyed an afternoon at our local park.  During Break Time we ate toasted tea cakes, one of Percy's favourite snacks and listened to the story "After the Storm".  This was a particularly suitable story as we went out to play after a big rain storm!  We then reflected on the features of our park and discussed in partners the following question: Would Percy the Park Keeper like our park?  We then considered why we thought this.
Together Time
We visited Gloucester Cathedral to learn about the true meaning of Easter.
2018-19 SpT Active Learning Afternoon
This week we are thinking about action words!  We enjoyed lots of action.
Robins enjoyed an afternoon of fun with a drone.