Robins Autumn term 2022-2023

Hello Robins,
I am looking forward to seeing you on Monday 31st October.
This term we will be continuing with our topic Me and My Community. During the term we will be finding out more about our local community, its main features and some of the jobs people do. We will be visiting the local bakery and learning how to make bread before we make some ourselves!
I have put more information in the topic webs below.
See you soon
Mrs Stanton
It has definitely felt very festive in school this week as we have been doing lots of Christmas activities, sharing stories and enjoying the snow!
Our term ended with a party, talent show and decorating biscuits....yum. (A2 Wk7)
In maths this week we have been learning about 3D shapes; naming, describing and sorting shapes we have found in the classroom. We have had fun trying to pronounce sphere correctly! (A2 Wk 5)
In Art this term we are making fabric faces. This week the children have been experimenting with different methods of joining fabrics together and attaching materials such as gluing, stapling, sticking, using safety pins and stitching. They were very good at threading needles and enjoyed starting to use a running stitch. (A2 week 4)
After our visit to the bakery last week we had a go making our own bread rolls. We followed our recipe carefully and practised using instructional language in preparation for writing our own bread making instructions.( week 3 A2)
On Wednesday this week we visited the award winning Forest Bakehouse opposite school. It was a great experience and lovely for the children to learn about a business in their community. The bakehouse staff explained the bread making process, demonstrated how the grain is turned into flour and showed us around the bakery. The children enjoyed sampling the different types of bread and asked many interesting questions, such as how does the bread rise? What time to you start work and  how do you know the bread is hot enough?
Next week we will be making our own bread and writing our own bread making instructions! (Week 2 A2)
In English we have been learning how to write instructions. The children have explored what are instructions for? and why do we need them? They have been learning that when we give instructions we use bossy words (imperative verbs) and they must be given in the correct order for someone to follow! In these photos the children were practicing following instructions to make a jam sandwich, they did not need any help with eating their sandwiches!
Next week week we will be using everything we have learned to write our own instructions. (week 1 A2)
In science we have been comparing some photographs of plants and some real plants, observing their colour, shape and texture. We have also been learning about the basic function of each of the main parts of a plant. In these photos we talked about how the plant had become too big for its pot and looked closely at the impressive root growth before removing it from its pot for a closer look. The children and adults were amazed by what we saw! 
We have planted some cress seeds to observe growing. Next week in outdoor learning we will be planting bulbs ready for the Spring. (week 6)
In our English lessons this week we have been reading the story of Rosie's Walk by Pat Hutchins. Rosie the hen outwits the fox without even trying, she goes for a walk around the farmyard but a sly fox is trying to follow her. The children have been drawing the journey Rosie takes and making props to support the re-enactment of the story during Outdoor learning. We have enjoyed using the different prepositions in the story and thinking of our own to use when walking around school (week 5)
This week we have been learning about maps. We have looked at a variety of maps and talked about why we might use a map. The children described what they see on their way to school and then they used chalks to draw their own maps. Everyone used their maps to tell a friend what they see on their way to school. (week 4)
Working as artists this week we have tried to draw what we can see using a template to help us position our features. The children completed their self portraits on paper using pencil, and then coloured pencil/crayons or paints. (week 3)
We have been looking at portraits created by Leonardo da Vinci, Henri Matisse, Gustav Klimt, Vincent Van Gogh and Andy Warhol. We talked about how they  are similar, how they are different and which one we liked best. The children then started drawing their own portraits whilst looking in a mirror. They used sketching pencils to draw the outline first before adding features. Next week we will be trying a colour portrait using different materials (week 2)
The Year one children in Robins joined Woodpeckers class to have their first gym session this week at Five Acres. They all had a great time learning how to use the apparatus safely and everyone took part in the core strengthening activities. I am looking forward to watching them progress over this term and I know the children are all looking forward to their next session at the gym! (week 1)
Ready for our dress rehearsal of a 'Midwife in Crisis'! What a fabulous performance after lots of hard work and rehearsals over the last few weeks. We are super proud of all the children in Robins for taking part. (A2 Wk6)