Robins Spring term 2022-2023

I love the Spring, it signals new growth and new beginnings. We can certainly see signs in our gardens and the hedgerows. I hope you have been enjoying the sunshine over half term and are ready for the rest of our Spring term.
This term we will continue with our topic 'Once Upon a Time' but with a change of focus. We are going to be looking back at how Longhope used to be and finding out about the history behind our school. Our literacy focus will be on Traditional Tales and how they have been passed down through generations. Have a look at our topic web below for more information.
Things to remember:
  • Drinks bottle.
  • Book bag with reading diary and reading book.
  • PE will be on Fridays, please bring in your PE bag ready to leave in school.
  • Outdoor learning will be on Wednesdays, please bring in your outdoor learning clothes, wellies or suitable boots in a labelled bag to leave in school.
  • Spellings will be given out on Fridays and tested the following Friday. Please continue to practice on
Today Robins class have enjoyed a 'Gingerbread Man' inspired day. We read the story and designed our own gingerbread biscuit people before making and decorating them. The children were excited to see that their biscuits were  still in the oven and hadn't run away! As you can see from the photos all the children loved eating the biscuits, they commented on the spiciness and the crunchy texture. We have been learning about mass in maths which came in very useful when we were measuring the ingredients. In science we have been focussing on materials and whilst making the biscuits we had the opportunity to predict and explore changes in the ingredients. (week 5)
Woodpeckers class joined us for a walk around the village of Longhope during Outdoor Learning this week. We walked a circular route looking at the different buildings that Robins have been learning about in our topic lessons this term. The children enjoyed comparing old photos with the buildings we can see today and learning about life in the village before we were born. They were particularly interested in the old school building which a pupil in our class now lives in and the half timbered house (Court Leet) which was once a court, the building next door was a jail! (week 4) 
Red Nose Day 2023
Robins went on a hunt this afternoon to find the letters and numbers to write a message. We took a while to find them, Mrs Stanton had hidden them in some strange places and we were lucky that the rain didn't stop until we had finished! We arranged the red noses to write: Robins Red Nose Day 2023 (week 3)
In art this week we have been exploring the use of different materials to draw. We tried out charcoal, oil pastels, wax crayons, pencil crayons, chalk and soft pastels. The children enjoyed blending the soft pastels to create graduated colours and soft edges to their drawings. We used these pastels to draw tulips which the children used to make their mothers day cards today. (week 3)
In our science lesson this week we did an experiment to find out what makes porridge yummy. We used oats and water to make the porridge and added other ingredients to see which were good for porridge and which were not so good! We had some surprising results as a number of children thought marmite in their porridge was tasty! We tried out tomato ketchup, golden syrup, marmite, HP sauce and jam. The most popular flavour was golden syrup as it made the porridge taste very sweet. (week 2)
World Book Day
We came to school dressed up as our favourite characters! In the afternoon the children chose a book character and decorated a wooden spoon to use as a puppet, they had fun using their puppets to act out some of the traditional tales we have been reading in class. (week 1)
Robins had a lovely day exploring 'All Things Wild' in Evesham today. During our dinosaur encounter we had an informative tour around the barn, the children walked through the dinosaur timeline looking at skeletons, models of dinosaurs and handled fossils and dinosaur poo! The children demonstrated what they have learnt this term during a questions and answers session, they were amazed by the size of some of the dinosaurs, the thickness of the Woolly Mammoths coat and the links between birds and dinosaurs. Our trip on the dino train took us around the park to see life size models of the key dinosaurs which we later explored close up, some had sharp teeth the size of bananas! Take a look at our photos to see the fun day we had.(Week 7)
In outdoor learning this week we compared the height of different dinosaurs and investigated how much larger a dinosaur footprint is compared to our own footprints! The children were astonished to discover the length of a Tyrannosaurus rex (12m) and a Stegosaurus (9m). We could fit 12 children inside the footprint of a Triceratops! (week 6)
During our English lessons last week the children wrote wanted posters for dinosaurs that were on the loose in Longhope. At the weekend one was spotted in our nature area, so we thought about the best way to catch it! Out in our nature area we set about making a trap. The children worked together to dig a deep pit. Next, they covered the pit with a net and scattered leaves and sticks on top to camouflage it. After that, we placed a large chicken leg and some sausages on top to tempt the dinosaur. Finally, some of us tiptoed behind trees and some hid behind the shed to wait for the dinosaur to take the bait! Next week we will be writing instructions for how to catch dinosaurs to help people in the local community catch the others on the loose. (week 5)
We have had fun creating our own dinosaur worlds this week. The children became dinosaur detectives to find out more about the habitats that dinosaurs lived in before adding, vegetation, streams, rocks and mud, some even had erupting volcanoes! The children have used the scenes they have created to inspire their story writing. (week 4)
During our art lesson this week we made salt dough and used it to create our own fossils. The children explored how they could sculpt the dough, making imprints with different parts of dinosaurs before baking in the oven. Next week we will be finishing off our fossils and adding colour. The children's work is displayed on our windowsill for you to watch the progress of their creations. (week 3)
Robins have been continuing their learning within their topic of dinosaurs. They have been getting creative! They collected natural objects and made pictures of dinosaurs. Can you spot what we used for eyes, nostrils, sharp teeth and even horns? (Week 2)
We have had a great start to the year and our school term! This week the children have shared what they already know about dinosaurs as we discussed our topic , 'Once Upon a Time'. They have enjoyed moving like dinosaurs, pretending to be palentologists in our role play area and sorting facts from fiction (week 1)