Information for parents

As we all look forward to the start of a new term, I thought it would be helpful to clarify some points - as we prepare for a slightly different experience of school life. We have continued to adapt school life to minimise risks to all members of the school community.
  • All children should wear school uniform
  • Children are asked not to bring additional bags (or equipment) into school
  • We will be continuing with a rolling drop off model for all pupils in Y1-Y6. Parents are asked to leave children at the noticeboard and follow the one-way system out of school via the driveway. Staff will be available to direct parents during the first couple of weeks.
  • The school gates will be opened from 8.45am - all pupils should be in class ready to start their day by 9.00am. Please ensure your child is in class on time. It is very disruptive for the class when children arrive late. (Please note the slightly different arrangements for pupils who have siblings starting in Robins this year - explained further down this page.)
  • Parents are reminded that all communication with the school office should be via email or phone. Parents will only be able to enter the school building by prior arrangement
  • At 3.15pm children should be collected from the recreation ground
Parents of children new to YR - First day
  • Parents of children new to YR are asked to bring their children to school ready for a 9.15am start. It would be appreciated if parents of new children in Robins and their siblings, arrive no earlier than 9.05am. 
  • Parents will be able to escort children to the door of their children's new classroom
  • Parents who also have older siblings in the school are asked to bring all of their children to school ready for a 9.15am start on the Thursday and Friday of the first week
What should my child bring to school?
Your child will need to bring:
1) Their PE kit (in a named small drawstring PE bag) - shorts, T-shirt and trainers (+ spare socks if they wear tights to school. Parents of pupils starting school this year might also like to put some spare underwear in this bag - just in case!). Please ensure all items in their PE bag are named.
2) A named drinks bottle
3) A named lunchbox containing a healthy lunch (no chocolate please) - unless they are having school dinner. Please ensure school dinners are booked before starting back at school. We also ask parents to ensure that children are able to access the food in their lunchboxes. Children can become very frustrated if they struggle to open packaging and have to wait for help.
4) A named coat - suitable for the weather conditions.
In order to minimise risk at school we ask that parents:
  • Do not send their children to school if they are feeling unwell
  • Follow the quarantine guidelines if affected countries have been visited
  • Inform school if any members of your immediate family have been in contact with anybody who has tested positive for coronavirus
Please be aware that we may all need to be prepared for short notice closure or partial closure of the school.