Sport at Hope Brook 2021-22

Our vision is that all pupils at Hope Brook School, regardless of age or ability, want to take part in sport or activity.  Whilst some children may be talented at sports, others may be less confident.  At Hope Brook, we work to make sure everyone can experience the benefits of sport and physical activity and of being part of a team.

Our planning, as well as following the National Curriculum statutory requirements, allows us to teach a variety of sports through PE lessons, cross-curricular sessions and extra-curricular activities throughout the academic year including, gymnastics, dance, athletics, team sports, swimming, as well as promoting outdoor learning in all subjects.

Our aim is to shape each pupil’s character, promote the school’s ethos of fair competition, reinforce the benefits of healthy life style choices and nurture the children’s sporting passions.

 We ensure all pupils:

  • Have access to a wide variety of activities – we try to introduce one new activity each year.
  • Have the opportunity to participate in competitive events.
  • Promote fair play and respect.
  • Utilise every opportunity to be active – in lessons, play times and after school clubs.
  • Understand the importance of well-being – both physical and mental.
  • Encourage lifelong participation, enthusiasm and enjoyment.
  • Build on existing skills and experiences, ensuring progression and continuity in children’s learning.
  • Support each other to be the best they can be.
Netball: District Finals
It's GOLD for both teams! Winners of the the District Finals
Both netball teams (Stingers and Bees) stormed to victory in the District Finals on 16th May 2022. The Stingers showed outstanding skill with a 8-0 win and the Bees also performed superbly with a 5-0 victory. Well done to both teams who have worked really hard to achieve such a fantastic result.
Dance - Years One and Two
In PE on Friday, Years One and Two participated in a dance programme with dance specialist, Kelly-Anne Reeve. Linking the programme to their topic about animals, the children thought about different animal movements and how to change the shape of their body. They worked in small groups to develop a short dance which they performed to the rest of the class.
This lesson was one of a sequence of six lessons so watch out for further photographs over the coming weeks.
Cross Country - Nationals
This year Hope Brook had a total of 9 children go through to the County Final at Cheltenham, which is an incredible achievement. At the County Finals, Isaac then made it through to the Nationals at Leicester. Well done, Isaac, you are the first boy to represent Hope Brook at this level.
Tennis: Kestrels 
This term in PE, Kestrels are learning how to play tennis. They are learning how to grip and hold the tennis racket correctly and to serve the ball using the underarm technique. Look out for updates about their progress each week.
Tennis: Kingfishers
In PE this term, Kingfishers are learning how to play tennis. They have been working hard to use the correct skills to catch and control a ball on their racket. Keep watching to find out how they get on.
Celebration of Netball Success
In light of the success at the netball tournament on 16th February, all team members received certificates at our Celebration Assembly. Both teams are through to the district final. 
GPJ North Forest of Dean Area Netball
We have another superb sporting achievement to announce. Both our netball teams did an amazing job at the tournament on 16th February. With true Hope Brook sportsmanship, determination and resilience, the teams both came 1st at the tournament and are through to the district finals which are to be held at Dene Magna - date to be confirmed.
Many thanks to Mrs Matthews who helped coach the teams to victory. 
New Age Kurling Tournament
Some of the children in Years 3 and 4 have been learning a new skill and having FUN at the same time. They took part in an 'in-house' New Age Kurling tournament. New Age Kurling is a sport that requires pupils to deliver stones from one end of a court to a target at the other end of the court. The competition target has red, white and blue concentric circles and scoring is determined by the number of stones closest to the centre of this target.
As the pictures below show, the children had a wonderful time and showed superb time spirit, determination and good skill when participating (Feb 2022).
Individual Cross Country: Years 5 and 6
We have another sporting triumph to share with you. Our Year 5 and 6 pupils participated in the individual Cross Country event at Newent School. We are very proud of all the Hope Brook pupils who attended as they showed great perseverance, team spirit and resilience. Our perseverance with the Daily Mile has also paid off and the results are testament to that. In total, 9 Hope Brook children have gone through to the County trials, which are being held on 12th March. 
We had a first, second and third for our Year 5 girls; first, second and tenth for the Year 5 boys; seventh and tenth for our Year 6 girls and eighth for our Year 6 boys. Not bad for a small school! 
Many thanks also to Mrs Hollis and Mrs Collis who supervised the children at the event and reported that the children showed superb team spirit and encouragement for each other.
Woodpeckers and Wagtails: Dance 
On 27th January, a dance company called Dance Days visited Hope Brook School. The dance specialist introduced the children in Woodpeckers to a Chinese Street Dance and the children in Wagtails to a traditional Indian Dance.
Connecting to the Woodpeckers' topic about the 'Asian World' (China), the Woodpeckers were taught how to use props and step in time to music. They were enthused by the colourful parasols and dragon and learnt about the Chinese New Year celebrations.
Extending their learning about their topic 'A Passage to India', the Wagtails were put through their paces learning the sequences of an exciting, energetic Bollywood style dance.
All children took part and enjoyed their learning of dance.
Woodpeckers: Chinese Dance 
Wagtails: Bollywood style dance
Robins: How to roll a piece of equipment.
First of all, Robins practised their balancing skills with bean bags. They demonstrated how good they are at moving around the hall safely. When they had grasped the skill, they showed how clever they are at rolling a piece of equipment. Looks like you had fun, Robins! (Jan 2022).
Celebrating our Sporting Achievements
The Cross Country Team were presented with their medals and certificates as part of our Celebration Assembly. Great job, Hope Brook (Oct 2021).
Team Cross Country Event: A superb sporting achievement!
It was great for Hope Brook to be part of the team events again and the results were testament to the hard work they've put in with the Daily Mile. We are very proud of the whole Hope Brook Cross Country Team who achieved gold (girls) and silver (boys) medals, which is a FANTASTIC result. Well done team! A big thank you to Mrs Barnes and Mrs Collis who supervised the team during the event (Oct 2021).
Kestrels (Hockey)
The children in Kestrels have been reunited with their hockey sticks this September and are showing excellent teamwork. Keep up the GREAT work, Kestrels (Sept 2021).
Kingfishers (Football Skills)
Working with a partner, the Kingfishers demonstrated their football skills. They were set the challenge of seeing how many 'gates' they could pass a ball through. They were then set the added challenge of communicating to their partners using non-verbal signals. Take a look at how they got on ... (Sept 2021).
Year One (Jumping Skills)
The Year One children started their gymnastics' lessons in the hall this week and demonstrated FANTASTIC strength in their legs when they practiced their jumping. They were very proud of all their efforts. Take a look at the pictures below which show how much FUN they had. They practiced the star jump, frog jump and half turn. They are gradually building on their skills with the aim of creating a sequence of jumps in the coming weeks. Excellent work, Year Ones! (Sept 2021).