Sport at Hope Brook 2021-22

Our vision is that all pupils at Hope Brook School, regardless of age or ability, want to take part in sport or activity.  Whilst some children may be talented at sports, others may be less confident.  At Hope Brook, we work to make sure everyone can experience the benefits of sport and physical activity and of being part of a team.

Our planning, as well as following the National Curriculum statutory requirements, allows us to teach a variety of sports through PE lessons, cross-curricular sessions and extra-curricular activities throughout the academic year including, gymnastics, dance, athletics, team sports, swimming, as well as promoting outdoor learning in all subjects.

Our aim is to shape each pupil’s character, promote the school’s ethos of fair competition, reinforce the benefits of healthy life style choices and nurture the children’s sporting passions.

 We ensure all pupils:

  • Have access to a wide variety of activities – we try to introduce one new activity each year.
  • Have the opportunity to participate in competitive events.
  • Promote fair play and respect.
  • Utilise every opportunity to be active – in lessons, play times and after school clubs.
  • Understand the importance of well-being – both physical and mental.
  • Encourage lifelong participation, enthusiasm and enjoyment.
  • Build on existing skills and experiences, ensuring progression and continuity in children’s learning.
  • Support each other to be the best they can be.
Celebrating our Sporting Achievements
The Cross Country Team were presented with their medals and certificates as part of our Celebration Assembly. Great job, Hope Brook (Oct 2021).
Team Cross Country Event: A superb sporting achievement!
It was great for Hope Brook to be part of the team events again and the results were testament to the hard work they've put in with the Daily Mile. We are very proud of the whole Hope Brook Cross Country Team who achieved gold (girls) and silver (boys) medals, which is a FANTASTIC result. Well done team! A big thank you to Mrs Barnes and Mrs Collis who supervised the team during the event (Oct 2021).
Kestrels (Hockey)
The children in Kestrels have been reunited with their hockey sticks this September and are showing excellent teamwork. Keep up the GREAT work, Kestrels (Sept 2021).
Kingfishers (Football Skills)
Working with a partner, the Kingfishers demonstrated their football skills. They were set the challenge of seeing how many 'gates' they could pass a ball through. They were then set the added challenge of communicating to their partners using non-verbal signals. Take a look at how they got on ... (Sept 2021).
Year One (Jumping Skills)
The Year One children started their gymnastics' lessons in the hall this week and demonstrated FANTASTIC strength in their legs when they practiced their jumping. They were very proud of all their efforts. Take a look at the pictures below which show how much FUN they had. They practiced the star jump, frog jump and half turn. They are gradually building on their skills with the aim of creating a sequence of jumps in the coming weeks. Excellent work, Year Ones! (Sept 2021).