Woodpeckers 2019-2020

Welcome to Woodpeckers, have a look at our page to see what we have been up to.
Don't forget to bring your clothes for outdoor Learning on a Wednesday.
Our maths focus has been place value and number.
During outdoor learning we drew our own clocks to test each others knowledge of time and then timed different activities.
Science - We have used different items to separate materials and tested different materials to see which are waterproof.
China has been our topic this term, we have compared life at school between our two countries, looked at native animals, the Great Wall of China and the rivers, made a dragon and performed a dragon dance, made Chinese lanterns and dragon faces, learnt to paint Chinese characters, made Chinese food and ate it. It has been a busy term!
We made scones and sandwiches to serve during the intermission between our Christmas plays.
This years Christmas production was called Penguin Pete, it's a story of a little penguin going to see Father Christmas because he is fed up of getting fish every year. The Woodpeckers did a fantastic job.
We went to Experience Christmas at All Saints Church Longhope.
The Whole school enjoyed our Christmas making afternoon.
English lessons have been good fun this term the year ones have been looking at Stanley's Stick and The Three Billy Goats Gruff. We found our own sticks and made bridges for the goats to cross. The Year twos worked with the year threes to make their own inventions like Rosie Revere Engineer.
We have been working very hard at maths this Autumn measuring, place value, money and fractions both indoors and out!
Our trip to St Fagans, The Museum of Welsh Life
The life bus visit.
The Woodpeckers went to the church to take part in the Christening of baby Lou. 
This term we harvested the vegetables we started growing in the summer, they were delicious. We have also been improving our cookery skills by chopping and grating and making courgette fritters.