Woodpeckers 2020-21

Woodpeckers are taught by Mrs Blackman (Teacher) and Mrs Acland  (TA)
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Please take a look at the photos to see what we have been getting up to
Please come dressed in your outdoor learning clothes on Wednesdays.
Yet again the Woodpeckers have been cooking and eating! This time we cooked some new potatoes that we grew in bags in our pen area, we planted them about 12 weeks ago and they were ready just in time for the last day of term, delicious.
This afternoon we went to our favourite place on the top field and listened to the sounds around us before we drew what we could see.
During outdoor learning today we had a look in our nature pond, we found mayfly nymphs, water fleas, snails, waterboatmen, frogs and a newt. It was very exciting.
More cooking! This time we have made shortbread dragons and practised our measuring and weighing skills.
We have been cooking again! This week we have made soda bread and practiced our weighing and measuring skills, everyone has made their own loaf to take home and share with their family. Happy eating.
Our maths problem this week was to work out how to share a jelly between four people and then reduce the amount of water needed. As a reward for our hard work we got to eat our own jelly.
As the weather has been so good Woodpeckers and Wrens went on a walk around the village to look at local landmarks. We looked at some old landmarks that are no longer recognisable such as the old school, police house and court house which are now just houses but still have some clues as to their original purpose. Other landmarks are well known to us and instantly recognisable.
We have been enjoying our playtimes this week.
During outdoor learning we made some dragons and homes that would be suitable for them to live in.
There is a rumour in year 2 that dragons are living in the school we went on a hunt to see if there was any evidence and found several footprints, burnt leaves and tails that the dragons had shed!
The woodpeckers were rewarded for all their hard work this term with a camp fire. We toasted bread, covered it with jam and had a cup of milkshake!
Woodpeckers had great fun making 3D and 2D shapes out of straws and plasticine. The shapes were a great success and taught us how 2D shapes can be put together to make 3D shapes.
What is a symbol of peace? Today we created our ideas of what a symbol of peace is to us, we  had lots of different ideas.
For our maths lessons this week we have been looking at types of charts for plotting information. We decided to do a traffic survey and create a tally chart. During our thirty minute survey between 9.20 and 9.50 we were surprised to see 46 cars and 23 other types of vehicles. Most shocking for us was the speed at which they were travelling outside our school.
In our RE lessons we have been looking at our feelings in different situations and how we feel about forgiveness and forgiving others.
Today in outdoor learning we have been looking at things that are dead, alive or never been alive as well as drawing them.
Our tadpoles are growing very quickly
This term in maths we have been looking at fractions
Its feeling like Christmas in the Woodpecker class, we have been very busy decorating!
All of us had a go at sawing wood to make our Christmas decorations out of natural materials.
In our maths lessons we have been partitioning tens and ones.
We went hunting for woodlice and created a new home for them. We have used different materials for them to live in and we will find out which they like best. We also made natural portraits of Guy Fawlkes.
We enjoyed a lovely autumn walk around the village.
In maths this term we have been looking at number
In our English lessons we are learning how to follow and write instructions, so we followed instructions to make playdough!
During outdoor learning we made monsters from our shadows, we have also identified different types of plants and trees and learnt the difference between evergreen and deciduous trees.
On a very wet Wednesday afternoon we made rain catchers and splashed in puddles.