Woodpeckers 2021-22

Woodpeckers are taught by Mrs Blackman (Teacher) Mrs Christie (Teacher) and Mrs Acland  (TA)
Please click on the topic web links to see what the woodpeckers are learning about this term: 
Wednesdays are outdoor learning days, please come to school dressed in your outdoor learning clothes. Please wear long sleeved tops and trousers for protection thank you.
Today we went to our local church to take part in a christening, we learnt about the part parents and God parents play in the christening and what the font is used for.
Today we made rafts in the outdoor learning area from twigs, tape and elastic bands, we then checked to see if they floated.
All of year 1 and 2 went to visit St Fagans the weather was beautiful and we all enjoyed our visit. We were particularly interested in seeing how people used to live, we learnt that 100 years ago people did not have running water or electricity in their houses and they only had a fire to cook on. They had to go outside to the toilet even in the cold and rain and had one bath a week in a tin bath in front of the fire and everyone had to use the same water! The houses were very small only two small bedrooms and two rooms down stairs and yet as many as 13 people would live in the same house. We visited an old fashioned shop, a mill with a working water wheel a farm and a school which was very different to ours. We had a wonderful day.
The Woodpeckers have enjoyed a fun afternoon making paint hand and foot prints for a special project (details to follow) everyone enjoyed getting dirty and we even had fun washing our feet in the bowl afterwards. Mrs Blackman led us on a spider hunt, which most people enjoyed and then to read under the trees to end our exciting afternoon
Today we have been making cave paintings like the ones in our book Cave Baby. We used mud and charcoal to create them.