Hope Brook - Health and Well-being

Hope Brook's Five Ways to Well-Being 
Mindfulness for Children (daily calm mindfulness session)
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As well as providing your child/ren with a learning programme, we value the importance of good health and well-being at Hope Brook. In school, we educate the children about good health and well-being through our PSHE (personal, social, health and economic) lessons. We also recognise the importance of maintaining this focus throughout this lockdown.
The theme for this term is 'Keeping Myself Safe'.
At Hope Brook, we use the SCARF materials as part of the children's PSHE education. Below is a useful link for you to access specially designed home activities. These are similar to the lessons taught in school.
Click on the link and scroll down to the relevant age range for your child:
We hope you find the activities FUN and EDUCATIONAL.

 Welcome back! We hope you had a relaxing half term.

For more PSHE lessons, look at the programme below:

UNIT 4: Rights and Responsibilities 

This unit focuses on the skills needed to develop into responsible citizens. As with all SCARF at Home resources, these activities are specially designed to be relevant to children at home and safe for parents/carers to use with children.

  • Beginning to understand how to look after money, including saving and spending.
  • Responsibilities that we have at home
  • Caring for our environment

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