Kingfishers are taught by Mrs James (Teacher) and Mrs Southwell (TA). 

Welcome back, Kingfishers!

I hope you have had a great half term break and are now feeling refreshed ready to start the next part of the Kingfishers' journey.

Are you ready to go 'All Aboard' with our last topic of the academic year? It links with our coal mining topic of last term as it focuses on the problems the miners of the past encountered in transporting the coal where it needed to go. This topic is all about the introduction of the railways into Britain.

Also this term, the Year 5s (along with the Year 6s) will be off on their trip to the the Isle of Wight, which is very exciting as a fun-packed programme has been prepared for them!

PE will be on Monday afternoons and this term's focus is on tennis and athletics: track and field. The times table test will be every Wednesday and the spelling test every Friday.

Best wishes,

Mrs James 



Additionally, please ensure you bring a coat into school for cold/wet weather and a hat and sun lotion during warm weather.  


Please click on the Topic Web link to see what Kingfishers are up to this term.

 Also, look out for photographs of the children's learning experiences below.


Daily Mile
We keep active by running the Daily Mile (June 2021). We are improving our times and learning to pace ourselves (June 2021).
In maths, the Kingfishers had fun playing the Roman Numerals' Snakes and Ladders game (June 2021).
Mystery Book in the Box 
The Kingfishers have been enjoying the 'Mystery Book in the Box' challenge. They read the quotations carefully and ponder over objects which relate to the book. They have all put their thinking caps on and come up with some super answers. Great effort, Kingfishers (May 2021).
Topic: Dig! Dig! Dig!
The final stage of the printing process. A great outcome was achieved by all!
The next stage of the print making process ...
Learning a new art form!
The Kingfishers have been gaining more and more knowledge about coal mining over the last few weeks. Their focus this term in Art is to use the 'Print Making' process to make a coal mining symbol. 
First, the children researched symbols that represented coal mining on the Internet. They then drew their own designs on to paper. Once they were satisfied with their drawings, they made a plate using the drawn symbol which they stuck on to cardboard. Afterwards, they placed string over the lines of the design which they held in place with glue. Take a look below at their creations so far in the print making process.
Keep watching to find out what happens next with their designs ...
The Kingfishers have been learning about the harsh working conditions of the coal mines as part of their topic 'Dig! Dig! Dig!'. Underground mines are often deep. There is no daylight so far from the surface but the miners could not work without light. Early miners used candles to give light underground. But this could sometimes be unsafe.
Coal from seams deep underground often contain gases that are released into the air as the coal is cut. Miners' candles could have set light to this gas, called firedamp, and caused explosions. This could result in the collapse of the mines and many miners died in explosions.
In 1815, a well-known scientist called Sir Humphry Davy invented a safe light for miners. It was called the Davy lamp. The Davy lamp warned the men of these gases as the flame would burn higher, and with a blue tinge.
When learning about the equipment the miners used, the Kingfishers spoke with their families about what they had learnt and some discovered they had family artefacts they were able to share. Thank you for sharing!
As part of their topic Dig! Dig! Dig!, the Kingfishers carried out analysis of different poems about coal mining. Later in the week, they performed one of the poems in groups.
There is a long tradition of poetry writing within coal mining communities. Poems and songs were used to tell stories, share experiences, mark events and disasters and to celebrate mining life, and both grew out of the oral tradition.
Science: Forces 
In science this week, the Kingfishers went outside to investigate what happens to a ball when it is thrown into the air. Later, they watched a moon walking clip which showed the impact of reduced gravity. Super work, Kingfishers.
Topic: A Healthy Happy ME!
Placing photographs in the Remembrance Garden (March 2021)
It's GREAT to be back together. To celebrate coming together again after lockdown, all the children placed a photograph of themselves in the Hope Brook garden.
PE: Yoga
As part of their 'A Healthy, Happy ME!' topic, the Kingfishers have been incorporating breathing and Yoga techniques into their school day. This is teaching them how to keep a healthy body and a calm mind.
They have explored the 'sun salutations', which are a sequence of 12 postures. They focused on the alignment of each pose. The Kingfishers discovered, to their surprise, that the postures worked the whole body using stretches, folds and controlled balance.
'We want our children to value having a healthy mind and body' (Hope Brook's Core Principles)
D & T (Cookery): Food for Thought
The Kingfishers explored food groups and how good choices about these, alongside keeping fit, help us to maintain a healthy body.
Linking to their French learning, they made muesli bars and smoothies, which were sold later in the week at their own French cafe.
 'We want our children to value having a healthy mind and body' (Hope Brook's Core Principles)
French: Le Cafe Hope Brook
As part of their topic work 'A Healthy Happy ME!', the Kingfishers experienced a little bit of France at Hope Brook in the form of their own French cafe. Le Cafe Hope Brook sold delicious, healthy muesli bars and smoothies. Mmmmmm.....!
To link further with their topic, the Kingfishers also learnt words and phrases in French about sport.
To promote their French cafe, the Kingfishers created some advertising leaflets in which they used some very persuasive language.
The Polar Regions:  Do You Want To Go On A Polar Adventure?
Design & Technology (D & T)
As part of their topic on 'The Polar Regions', Kingfishers were given the task of creating a model of either the Arctic or Antarctic. Look at their super creations below.
Dance: Winter and Music: Listening to Vivaldi's Four Seasons
For part of their topic about the Polar regions, the Kingfishers' music objective was to listen to Vivaldi's Four Seasons (Winter). They were then set the challenge of creating a dance to accompany the music. 
They thought about high and low movements and how to use the space available to them well.  
We are all very proud of the outcome of their dances. Click on the links to see the incredible dances they created.
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French: Weather
Sewing: Christmas Tree Decorations
Putting their sewing skills to the test, Kingfishers designed their own Christmas tree decorations.  They all used overstitch and running stitch; some of the Kingfishers even sewed a zigzag design.  
World War II:  Pack Up Your Troubles in Your Old Kit Bag ....
Kingfishers walked into the classroom to the sound of an air raid siren sounding and a table set for four.  What could this scene be representing ...?  The Kingfishers decided to investigate.
Rationing and Food
During WWII, the government appointed a Minister of Food, Lord Woolton.  His job was to educate people into better eating habits.
As more and more supply ships were being sunk by the German U-boats, additional home grown food was needed.
The 'Dig for Victory' campaign saw people turn their flower beds into vegetable patches.  
Kingfishers made some nutritious Trench Stew and dumplings.  What do you think the meal tasted like, Kingfishers?
Remembrance Service
Demonstrating our democratic values ....
We hold elections to choose someone to represent us for our School Council and Eco Council.
Maths is fun!
Reconnecting with our maths' learning in school with the use of resources (Sept 2020).
Our Topic:  Colour
The Rainbow Weave Plates
Having read the 'The Rainbow Story', the Kingfishers used a weaving technique to make a rainbow sky.
Science:  Bleeding Blossoms
French:  The Rainbow Song
Maths:  Creating different types of triangles
The Kingfishers created their own stained-glass window out of coloured triangles.