Kingfishers 2023/24 Spring Term

Teaching staff in Kingfishers (Years 4 and 5): Mrs James (Class teacher), Mrs Southwell (TA Mon-Weds), Mrs Collis (TA Weds-Fri) and Miss Williams (1-1 TA part-time).
Welcome back Kingfishers!
I hope you are all feeling refreshed and ready to go for another fun-filled term! We will be continuing with our topic of 'Earth and Space' with a greater focus on our Moon. This will link in with our Space Evening that is taking place on 27th February so remember to leave this date free in your diary. In addition, I am very EXCITED to announce we are creating moon buggies as part of our D&T lessons in school. Click on the 'Topic Web' below to find out more about what I have planned for this term.
Other exciting events
  • We have organised an author visit on 28th February so we look forward to welcoming Mr Ian Young and learning more about the work of an author.
  • It's World Book Day on 7th March so keep a look out for further details in our weekly updates about this event.
  • Finally, we will be holding our Easter Service as we grow together to reflect on this special time for Christians.
Best wishes
Mrs James 
PS Remember to bring in your PE kits on the first day back.
Things to remember:
  • Bring your PE kits into school (PE will be on Thursdays)
  • Bring in a drink bottle daily
  • Bring in a coat on wet/cold days and a sun hat and lotion on hot days.
  • Bring in your homework on time (Wednesday - timetables, Friday - spellings and set dates for other homework)
  • Bring in your reading journals daily.
Please look out for photographs which I will post below as the term unfolds!
Netball Tournament
After training hard in the Netball Team and showing true grit and determination at the tournament, both teams came first and are through to the final at Newent Community School. Well done teams and the very best of luck in April. Many thanks to Mrs James and Mrs Matthews for coaching the children to victory.
World Book Day 2024
Wow! The Hope Brook children created some FABULOUS potato characters and top hats for World Book Day. They were bubbling with excitement about how they went about creating their designs and explained what it was about their chosen characters/books that had inspired their creation. It's always great to celebrate World Book Day and PROMOTE the children's love of books. The whole school got to see everyone's designs when they did a school parade around the playground. Fantastic job everyone. 
Many thanks to the Eco Council who organised the Book Swap, which was well supported and the children now have new books to read. 
Ian Young, author of 'Cry of the Norwolf' and 'The Emerald Pendant' (his latest book)
On 28th February 2024, Ian Young, a local author visited Hope Brook. Ian treated the Key Stage 2 children to an assembly when he spoke about how he developed a passion for writing, following his initial reluctance to write as a child. Later, he carried out workshops with Kingfishers and Kestrels. The children took great inspiration from his ideas about developing an animal character and went on to write about their own character. We thank Ian for his visit and for his patience in answering the many questions the children had to ask.
Taking time to stop and pause ....
One afternoon, whilst working hard on their topic about the Moon, the Kingfishers spotted a rainbow. They remembered that this was a sign of God's promise never to flood the Earth again. We decided to pause for a moment and went outside to take a look.
Young Voices Concert at Resorts World Arena in Birmingham
What an amazing time the children had at the Resorts World Arena in Birmingham! They were buzzing with enthusiasm when they returned to class the next day. Thank you, Miss Marks for organising the event and accompanying the children. 
STEM Challenge: Road to RIAT
On 12th January 2024, the Years 5 and 6 all came together to create gliders! First of all, they explored the theory behind what a glider is. They then investigated the component parts which make up a glider and how forces act on each part. Later, they took their gliders into the playground to see whether their designs were successful in flight and how far they travelled for how long. A great time was had by all the children. Importantly, they demonstrated the school's values of 'respect' through listening to others' ideas, 'perseverance' through completing their designs and 'trust' that their designs would be successful.