Collective Worship

At Hope Brook School we have a theme every term which forms the backbone of our collective worship times. These themes are taken from our Christian values.

This year's 6 values are outlined in the table below:


Autumn Term



 Spring Term



 Summer Term




2020 - 21

This term, we are thinking about the theme of Respect. We develop this theme through collective worship.

If you would like to continue these themes at home, please click on the links below to find a range of activities.

Collective Worship Team

CW Squad

There are six members of the CW Squad. Three members were part of the team last year. The three new members applied for the role through completing a written application form. 

What do we do?

 Our aim is:

  • to make collective worship as good as it can be.
  • for everyone to enjoy the time we spend together in Collective Worship
  • to use people’s ideas for collective worship
  • to get people involved
  • to be the voice of the people

 What did we do last year?

1)   We created a sheet to evaluate Collective Worship

2)  We carried out 78 evaluations (46 – were good, 25 – were excellent, 23 – made us think, 9 – made us laugh, 1 – was confusing)

3)  Led Collective Worship – Forgiveness, Valentine’s Day

4)  Helped Mrs Severn with the Collective Worship during Lent

 What do we want to do this year?

  • We want more people to be involved with the evaluations
  • We want to lead one session of collective worship per term
  • We want to get people more involved in collective worship
  • We want an idea box for collective worship


Open the Book
On Wednesday mornings, we are lucky enough to have a group from our local church (the 'Open the Book' team) who share a story and message from the Bible. An overview of the stories they will use this term is outlined below. The children are always keen to take part in the 'Open the Book' times. You might have seen the sticker the children receive for taking part in the storytelling sessions.