Curriculum Overview

Curriculum at Hope Brook


Here you will be able to find an overview for each class. They show what is taught in each class across a two year program (Year A and Year B).

Year B was the last academic year (2020-2021)

Year A is the current academic year (2021-2022)

Along with these overviews we have a ‘Topic Web’ which shows more detail. These can be found on the ‘Class’ pages. Simply select the class you wish to look at from the drop down menu and you will be able to view these topic webs (one per term). Alongside these topic webs, you will also see all the exciting things the children in each class get up to – there are lots of fun pictures to look at!

If you would like to find out more about the curriculum followed at Hope Brook, please contact Mrs Isobel Hollis (Curriculum Lead) or Mrs Stephanie Severn (Headteacher)

Please note - our curriculum is currently being reviewed. As a result of this review some of our curriculum information may be subject to change.


Our classes (From February 2022)

Robins - YR / Y1 (Mrs Stanton/Mrs Davis)

Woodpeckers - Y2 (Mr Jackson / Mrs Acland) - Mon - Weds

                 (Mrs Christie / Mrs Carter) - Thurs - Fri

Wagtails - Y3 / Y4 (Miss Kay / Mrs Harrington)

Kingfishers - Y4 / Y5 (Mrs James / Mrs Southwell (Mon - Weds) / Mrs Collis (Weds-Fri)

Kestrels -  Y6 (Mrs Hollis / Mrs Barnes)


Progression of skills at Hope Brook
At Hope Brook, we use a topic teaching approach. Each topic covers several different subjects. We have allocated National Curriculum (subject specific) objectives to our topics.
Our topic webs describe which aspects of the curriculum are being covered. The topic webs can be found on the 'Class Pages' under the 'Our Learning' tab. We believe it is important that children understand when they are being taught different subject content so we try to be clear about which subject is being taught in each lesson. In science lessons, we want the children to think like scientists and in history, we want the children to behave like historians.
The progression sheets below describe how children's skills develop as they move through our school. There is a separate progression sheet for each subject.