Pupil Voice - School Council

What are the roles and responsibilities of School Council members? 
Our School Council members said:
"We listen to everyone's ideas."
"We take suggestions and put them into action."
"We try to make the school a better place."
"We bring hope to the world by planning charity events to help people in need."
"We arrange fun school events for all pupils to enjoy."
"We represent the pupils in our classes."
Christmas Biscuit Decorating and Karaoke
As part of Hope Brook's Christmas celebrations, School Council organised a biscuit decorating event. Everyone in school was able to decorate and eat their own biscuit - yum! There were some very creative designs too!
School Council also organised a Christmas Karaoke event. There were lots of song requestions from pupils in Reception all the way up to Year 6! It was a lovely end to the term for pupils and staff.