Hello Robins.  I hope you are all enjoying the Summer Holidays.  I thought you might like to have a little look at what you have to look forward to this term.
Robins first PE session together.
After the fun and games of changing into our PE kit for the first time, one young lady said to a friend "I'm so excited, are you?"
All the children walked sensibly to the top play ground, where Mrs Selwood talked to everyone about being safe.  Then Mrs Selwood explained how important it was to "get our bodies ready for exercise", so our muscles warm up slowly. 
The warm up involved moving at different speeds and listening careful to different instructions.
Welcome back to school.  We have an exciting term ahead of us, full of new experiences.  
This term our topic is "A Right Royal Adventure!"
Our trip to Sudeley Castle was a huge success.  We explored the castle and grounds.
We took photo portraits of Kings and Queens.
Robins held their very own Bike Tournament!
Working with our friends to construct an assault course.
What a glorious sunny start to the Summer Term.
Get ready for this term's topic - We are farmers!
In between torrential rain we enjoyed time on our bikes.  Our challenge was to build the key features of a farm using available resources.  Then to draw a map of our farm.
We used a range of resources to create farms with key features, ie farm house, barn, walls or fences, pond etc.  We then presented our farms to our friends, explaining the thinking behind our ideas.  Then we enjoyed playing with our farms.
We have an exciting term ahead in Robins' Class.
Our topic is Percy the Park Keeper.
Together Time
2018-19 SpT2 Active Learning Afternoon - Near and far!
Our first challenge this afternoon was to see far we could ride our bikes in one minute and then five minutes?
Our second challenge was to see how near we could ride our bikes to the obstacles on the assault course?
We enjoyed an afternoon at our local park.  During Break Time we ate toasted tea cakes, one of Percy's favourite snacks and listened to the story "After the Storm".  This was a particularly suitable story as we went out to play after a big rain storm!  We then reflected on the features of our park and discussed in partners the following question: Would Percy the Park Keeper like our park?  We then considered why we thought this.
Together Time
We visited Gloucester Cathedral to learn about the true meaning of Easter.
2018-19 SpT Active Learning Afternoon
This week we are thinking about action words!  We enjoyed lots of action.
Robins enjoyed an afternoon of fun with a drone.