Reading at Hope Brook

Reading at Hope Brook
How do we teach reading at Hope Brook?
Whole Class Reading
Whole class reading at Hope Brook means the whole class share the experience of a text. The children read, discuss and answer questions based on the one text. It is often these texts that are used as our models for writing.
Guided Reading
During guided reading, the children are grouped according to their reading ability. The groups are usually about 5/6 children and the session is led by an adult member of the teaching team. The main focus of these sessions is reading comprehension.
Independent Reading
Our children are given independent reading opportunities everyday. During this time, children experience a wide range of reading opportunities. They have opportunities to read fiction and non-fiction books, newspapers, magazines, poetry and plays. They might be reading the book used for their guided reading sessions or they might be reading a book chosen from the class library.
Reading Journals
The children at Hope Brook record their reading experiences in a reading journal. The purpose of our reading journals is to:
  • Log the amount of reading being completed
  • Log the range of materials being read
  • Monitor our progress in reading
  • Record any learning related to our reading books