Wagtails 20/21

Wagtails (Y3 and 4) are taught by Miss Kay (Teacher), Mrs Harrington (TA), Miss Roberts (1:1 support) and Mrs Fern (1:1 support). 
Our topic this term is 'Stone Age to the Iron Age'
PE is on Wednesdays and children will need their outdoor kit.
We do a times tables test every Tuesday and Thursday. As well as a Maths Frame test twice a week.
Our spelling test is on Friday.
Stone Age to the Iron Age topic
Making our own Stone Age to Iron Age Shelters as part of our Remote Learning
This term, Wagtails have been learning about The Stone Age to the Iron Age, we started this topic at home, while learning remotely. The children have carried out some research on shelters and how they changed during this period, as well as looking in depth at Skara Brae. Here are their own shelter models and research information.
Wagtails looked at how lifestyles and communities changed between the periods of the Stone Age to the Iron Age. We used materials, natural objects and freeze frames to represent different ways of life and advances during these times. We focused on materials they had and used; communities and tribes they lived in; hunting and developing farms; use of animals; new advancements and creations; where they lived and finally the structures that they created and left behind.
The children loved researching tools and weapons that were used during the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. As part of our DT, we designed our own tools and then created them during outdoor learning, with natural materials.
Stone Structures are something that raise many questions for historians and they certainly did in our class too. The children loved looking at structures and remains to discuss theories of what they were used as or what their purpose was. After doing some further research, we designed and created our own stone Structures. During this project, we understood how working with stones was surely very difficult and how remarkable their structures really were.
Making our own puppets for Remote Learning January 2020
Part of our Remote Learning this term has been researching different types of puppets and famous puppets and looking at puppetry around the World. We then designed and made our own puppets at home. Throughout the class, the children choose to create a range of different types of puppets and they all use different materials to do so. The children then evaluated their own products. 
Roman Invaders Topic
An exciting part of this topic was learning how the Ancient Roman people relaxed and entertained themselves. Here we are looking at the Roman Baths. Wagtails Class learnt about the cold ice bath, the warm relaxing bath and the hot steam bath. They each had different purposes as part of a relaxing visit. We also discovered that the water was heated through a fire kept alight that heated them from under the floor.  
We got messy learning and recreating the steps to building a 'Roman Road'. Some roads built by the Romans are still standing today and we found it incredible that these invaders built the very first Roads. They used them to travel around their empire countries, sending messages, deliver goods and weapons needed as well as allowing trade between different areas.
Our Colour Topic - September 2020
In Wagtails' class we enjoyed exploring colours in different areas of our own lives and the world around us as well as demonstrating some of our Maths skills. Looking at our own lives, we thought about what feelings each colour represented to us. One example was green representing a calm feeling because it reminded us of relaxing and playing in the grass. We identified memories and places that each colour reminded us of including parties or holidays. Looking at the world around us, Wagtails enjoyed identifying animals from zoomed in images; learning how animals can change colour as they age or to survive; looking at how colour is used to advertise in logos and we designed our very own logos. We started our Science by using colour to see how water is transported through a plant. Finally, we created some artwork to finish off our topic. We created monochrome, complimentary and triadic patterns in the style of Piet Mondrian. Wagtails' class also enjoyed having a go at making our own water colours to paint with.
Plants topic - Here are photos of our experiment to find out what conditions helped a seed germinate best. We looked at light and water. 
Soils topic - The children had to label up soil types according to how they looked and felt. We then looked to see if we were right. 
Arrays - At the start of the year, we looked at using arrays as a way to understand and calculate multiplication facts and to show us that multiplications can be done in any order. We used equipment to show these arrays and drawings. 
Challenge 8 - When we returned in February, Wagtails started off with some problem solving using knowledge we facts from our Remote Learning so we could share in this back together. The children worked on a range of problems, each working with the number 8 in some way.
- Using 8 rectangles to make shapes with the biggest/smallest area
- Using 8 rectangles to make shapes with the biggest/smallest perimeter
- Using 8 lines (we used straws so we could move them) to make images with parallel and perpendicular lines as well as acute and obtuse angles. 
- Using 8 counters to make patterns
- Using string measuring 8cm to measure objects around the room.