Wagtails (Y3 and 4) are taught by Miss Kay (Teacher) and Ms Harrington (TA).
Things to remember:
Monday  - have an indoor PE kit in school. Mrs Harrington takes the class in the afternoon with Mr Henry for PE and the music teacher for Ukulele lessons.
Tuesday - outdoor PE
Wednesday - Outdoor clothing to be in school
Thursday  -  Outdoor clothing to be in school, times table test
Friday - spelling test
We recommend that your PE kits are left in school all week. 
Everyday - water bottles, reading diaries, jumper and coat.
Wagtails had lots of fun creating their own Stone Age, Bronze Age or Iron Age houses after returning from our trip. We found creating a wattle and daub effect was tricky but good fun. Fortunately, we loved gathering materials and digging them in to create and stabilise the structures.