Kingfishers 2023/24 Autumn Term

Teaching staff in Kingfishers (Years 4 and 5): Mrs James (Class teacher), Mrs Southwell (TA Mon-Weds), Mrs Collis (TA Weds-Fri) and Miss Williams (1-1 TA part-time).
Hi Kingfishers
I am looking forward to welcoming you back! I hope you are feeling refreshed after your half term break and ready to start another exciting term. Our new topic is called 'The Changing Power of Monarchs'. Think back to our visit to the Tower of London - can you remember what a monarch is? 
I have attached the Topic Web for this term below. Take a peek before we start back on Monday, 6th November.  
Enjoy bonfire night - remember to stay safe.
Best wishes,
Mrs James 
Things to remember:
  • Bring your PE kits into school (PE will be on Thursdays)
  • Bring your swimming kit (Mondays - towel and swimming costume or trunks)
  • Bring in a drink bottle daily
  • Bring in a coat on wet/cold days and a sun hat and lotion on hot days.
  • Bring in your homework on time (Wednesday - timetables, Friday - spellings and set dates for other homework)
  • Bring in your reading journals daily.
Please look out for photographs which I will post below as the term unfolds!
Term 2
Christmas Party (December 2023)
We all had fun at our Christmas party on 20th December. Getting in the festive spirit, we were treated to a host of Christmas party games: Musical Chairs, Pass the Parcel, Musical Statues and a Christmas Quiz. We also had a Mission Launch Competition with the trebuchets that we had created.
A Piano Recital
The Key Stage Two children were treated to a beautiful piano recital from a real concert pianist. The pianist told us about the history of some famous composers and explained all the working parts of a piano. This was a perfect ending to a Tuesday afternoon.
 Christmas Craft Afternoon
"Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, Jack Frost nipping at your nose ...." It wasn't only the frosty weather that gave the school a Christmasey feel on Friday, the school had their annual Christmas Craft Making Afternoon. What a FABULOUS time we had creating our Christmas crafts! Wearing our Christmas jumpers and headdress attire, everyone was in the Christmas spirit. In Kingfishers, we also had to take care not to wake Santa! You might spot him in the background of the photographs.
RE: What is it like for someone to follow God?
The children read the story of Noah (Genesis 6: 5-7:17). In groups, they discussed and acted out the Story of Noah's Ark. They thought about and discussed the following questions: What made God choose Noah? What made Noah obedient to God? They thought about Noah's qualities as a human being: faithful, diligent, righteous, kind, clever and obedient. Links were also made with Hope Brook's value of 'respect'.
Term 1
The Harvest Festival 
On the 13th October 2023, Hope Brook School held their annual Harvest Festival. It was great to see so many parents and to come together as a school community. Thank you so much for all the donations which the children brought into the church. These will be sent to the local Forest Foodbank.
As part of the event, Kingfishers performed a play called 'We Are The Greatest'. They performed, spoke and sang beautifully - well done Kingfishers.
English: Cheltenham Literature Festival
The Kingfishers were inspired by the author Jamie Littler on their visit to the Cheltenham Literature Festival who spoke about his work on writing and creating the illustrations for his book 'Arkspire'. Jamie drew one of his characters called 'Cinder' whilst he was on stage and spoke about the process involved in creating a new character. Later when we had returned to school, the children drew the character 'Cinder' for themselves following the process Jamie had shown them. A lovely day was had by all. Well done, Kingfishers.
PE: Representing Hope Brook at the Cross Country Team Event
Well done to all the Hope Brook children who participated in the Cross Country Team Event. You all showed superb perseverance.
PSHE: The Education Life Tent
On 4th and 5th October 2023, the Life Education Tent paid Hope Brook a visit. Much to the children's delight, Gerald made an appearance to tell the children all about the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
Topic: Visit to The Tower of London
On 22nd September, Kingfishers visited The Tower of London as part of Term 1's topic 'Where in the UK?' and links were also made with Term 2's topic 'The Changing Power of the Monarchy'.
The Yeoman Warders
Hope Brook received a warm welcome to the Tower of London by the Yeoman warders (or Beefeaters as they are more commonly known). They have guarded the Tower for over 500 years.
Queens Behind Henry VIII
The Kingfishers were introduced to a lady dressed as Catherine Parr (King Henry VIII's 6th wife) for their 'Queens Behind Henry VIII' workshop. As her historical story unfolded, the children acted out various scenes relating to King Henry's six wives. They also visited a place called 'Tower Green' where Anne Boleyn (2nd wife) and Catherine Howard (5th wife) were beheaded.
Crown Jewels
Under the watchful eyes of the King's armed guards, the Kingfishers entered the Jewel House where they were in awe of the world-famous Crown Jewels. In groups, the children saw everything that has been used in coronation ceremonies since 1661 including St Edward's Crown which was used to crown King Charles III.
The White Tower
Originally built in the early 1080s by William the Conqueror, the White Tower is a central tower, the old keep at the Tower of London. The children were enthralled by the Royal Armouries and weaponry.
St John's Chapel
Walking into St John's Chapel in the White Tower, the children instantly recognised the chapel as a medieval place of worship, saying "This is the place where they prayed."
The garderobe
The garderobe became a hot topic of conversation for quite a lot of the children.
Armouries in Action
Getting the opportunity to have a 'hands on' experience in the interactive room helped the children to get a better understanding of some of the exhibits.
The Ravens
It is said, "If the ravens leave the Tower, the Kingdom will fall!" Most of the children spent time learning the names of the six ravens.
Walk along The Battlements
Surrounded by skyscrapers, the Kingfishers were able to point out other London landmarks from their walk around The Battlements. They spotted Tower Bridge, The River Thames, The Shard and The Gherkin (30 St Mary's Axe). 
Topic: Identifying human and physical characteristics
To begin our topic we assessed our knowledge about landmarks. "Can you match the pictures of the landmarks with their correct names and locations? Are the pictures examples of human or physical geography?"