Robins Spring Term 2023-24

Welcome back Robins,
I hope you have all enjoyed the half term break with family and friends.
This term we will continue with our topic, 'We Are Explorers'. We will be finding out about hot countries, where they are in the world and the features of our planet- land, oceans, rainforests, mountains and sky. Our enquiries will also help us to understand environmental issues and think about how we can care for our planet. We will also learn about earth, the moon and space.
I have uploaded our topic web to show you in more detail what we will be learning.
Please remember to bring the following items into school every day:
  • labelled drinks bottle
  • labelled book bag
  • waterproof coat/hat and gloves if it is cold
  • labelled lunch box, if not having school dinners
Your PE kit and Outdoor learning kit can remain in school all term.
PE will continue to be on a Tuesday afternoon and Outdoor Learning will be on a Wednesday afternoon.
I look forward to seeing you soon.
Best wishes
Mrs Stanton
We learnt about how explorers travel to different places to learn about the world and that they can teach us a lot about the natural world. We looked at places where an explorer might visit, looking for features that might be the same or different. We noticed different weather, animals, plants or the lack of them! 
This term the children have been immersed in the exciting world of exploration. They have been engaged in a range of activities across all areas of learning, both inside and outside the classroom. These are examples of active learning experiences which have taken place during continuous provision time. The children have enjoyed explorer role play, drawing their own maps, using compasses, building shelters and going on boat adventures through icy waters!