2021-22 Kestrels Class (Y6) are taught by Mrs Hollis (Teacher) and Mrs Barnes (TA)
Please ensure children:
1) Have their full PE kits in every day 
2) Bring a water bottle into school each day.
3) Have a quiet place to do their homework and that parents check it for them afterwards.
4) Read a variety of texts at home (fiction, non-fiction and poetry).
5) Bring in a coat on cold, wet days and sun lotion / sun hat on warm, hot days.
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Please take a look at our photos to see what we have been getting up to!
The 'Meet The Teacher' 2021-22 information is available below:
We had a well-being workshop from an outside speaker called Anita, who gave us tips on how to be assertive and be a good friend.
Our trip to Windsor Castle…
Windsor trip reminders:
Please be at school by 6.50am to leave at approximately 7am.
You will have a temperature check and Mrs Barnes will speak to your adult about your health in the last 24 hours, as Windsor castle can refuse us entry if there have been any Covid symptoms.
Don’t forget your travel sickness tablets/ bands if you require them!
Please remember your packed lunch, snacks (no sweets) and enough drink for the day.
School uniform is required to be worn and a decent sized rucksack to carry a sketch  book, lunch, waterproof, wallet etc.
You may bring a digital or disposable camera, but they are your responsibility. Additionally you may want to bring fidgets, playing cards, notebook, book etc for the journey, but no electronic gadgets please.
Please ensure you have £10 for your tea at the Service station on our way home (you may put this in a separate envelope so it doesn’t get spent??) and no more than £10 for the gift shop.
We are all very excited and hope to be back at Hope Brook between 8.30 and 9 pm, depending on traffic.
Creating our science investigation about the heart rate: Do younger children have a faster heart rate than older children?
W/C 13/9/21
Using the Logit Explorer technology to find our pulse in our finger and on our ear...
...and learning to sketch buildings in readiness for our trip to Windsor castle!

6/9/21   Don't we all look smart on our first day as Y6's !?
19/7/21 Our penultimate day at Hope Brook school!.... Fun times at Beechenhurst, Forest of Dean:
We took part in the online Y6 Leaver's cathedral service..... some of us got a bit emotional!
9/7/21.  We have been having fun applying much of the maths we have learned this year, by playing games…
This week Kestrel's class  have been learning about where the rainforests are located in the world by planting cress in the locations on a map - we noticed that they are located on or close to the equator!
This week (11/5/21) we have been busy working on our rainforest dioramas...
6/5/21 The Year 6 have been investigating electrical circuits this week: What happens when we add more components?
Is it right to say: The fewer the bulbs the brighter the light? The longer the wires the dimmer the bulb? 
This week Kestrel’s class have been learning about the different layers of a rainforest and the animals that live in each one... we have each started to make a 3D rainforest model to represent this:
Kestrel's are studying the rainforest this term; we have just started to read 'The Explorer' - it is making us think about surviving there, with no adults!