Who is who?

This list reflects staffing for September 2021


Mr Justin Cook - Chair of Governors

Mrs S Severn - Head Teacher


Mrs A McGinley - School Business Manager

Mrs D Skelton - School Administrator


Mrs I Hollis – Kestrels’ Class Teacher

Mrs S James – Kingfishers’ Class Teacher

Miss R Kay – Wagtails’ Class Teacher

Mrs M Blackman and Mrs D Christie – Woodpeckers’ Class Teachers

Mrs V Stanton - Robins' Class Teacher



Mrs C Barnes – Teaching Assistant (Kestrels)

Mrs T Davis – Teaching Assistant (Robins)

Ms H Harrington – Teaching Assistant (Wagtails) and Pupil Supervisor (Lunchtimes)

Mrs M Acland – Teaching Assistant (Woodpeckers)

Mrs S Southwell – Teaching Assistant (Kingfishers)

Miss A Roberts – Teaching Assistant (Wagtails)

Mrs J Fern - Teaching Assistant (Wagtails)



Mrs H Littlefair – School Cook

Mrs C Trenfield – Midday Supervisor

Miss K Bullock – Midday Supervisor

Mrs E Hodges – Midday Supervisor
Mrs J Acton - Caretaker
Mrs M Morgan - Caretaker